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Deboshree Dutta

CEO & Founder

Deboshree Dutta is an enterprising and inspiring woman with a vision to bring sustainable change to the interior design industry. She is a season FORBES featured Technology leader with over a decade of experience leading Product & Engineering teams in the Silicon Valley, as well as a respected Women in Product leader recognized globally for her contributions to the Product Management community, and has been a featured keynote speaker at multiple conferences over the last few years. She is also a successful social media blogger and Home & Lifestyle influencer with over 150,000 followers on Instagram. 

Deb, as she is commonly known, started RoomPlays with an intent to make interior designing an affordable service segment for people from all sections of society. She wanted to break the chain of it being a rich man’s prerogative. She also wanted to give women-led small businesses a fair opportunity to build clientele, become financially independent, and help customers achieve their design goals on a minimum budget.

With that thought, she launched RoomPlays in November 2020, in the middle of COVID when the world was staying indoors and working from home. People wanted to change their home settings but within a budget. Deb allowed them to connect with designers who could virtually and cost-effectively design spaces, maximizing every square footage. Within a few weeks of launching, over 150 design services were offered by design influencers on the platform. Today there are designers from the US, Australia, and Brazil on the platform, offering design services. 

Email me: concierge@roomplays.com

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More About Deb

Social Media Influencer -@deesignplay

Deb is an avid home décor enthusiast and a DIY lover. She blogs about all things DIY, fashion, luxury, travel, and more on her page www.deesignplay.com . Given her reach, popularity, and choice of work, more than 200 home and fashion brands like Ruggable, Target, Bissell, Amazon, Zola, Better Choice Products, etc. have collaborated with her till now.

Technology Influencer & Women in Product Leader

Deb is a Carnegie Mellon Alumni and a technology enthusiast. She leads Product Management at PayPal in San Jose, where she drives PayPal’s AI-powered Customer Success experiences. Deb has led Product, UX and Engineering teams over the last decade across PayPal, Hitachi, Nokia, Cisco etc to build disruptive transformational products with a customer centric approach. Deb is known as a Product & Technology transformation leader, and has successfully led multiple Product & Thought Leadership initiatives at PayPal. She is also a strong advocate for Women in Tech space and co-leads the Women in Product, Bay Area chapter.

Forbes Contributor & Leadership Council

Not only this, Deb is also a Forbes contributor and Official Council Member, an invite-only community of industry experts, where she contributes articles and insights on various topics ranging from applying product skills in the non-profit space, technology, marketing, startup practices, and more. Read her articles here.

Advocate for Women in Tech & Product

Deboshree is known widely in the Silicon Valley for being an influencer and active advocate for educating and uplifting Women in Product Management and globally as a home and lifestyle guide. 

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