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    Hi Darling,

    I'm Catherine Rose. A Holistic Designer of interiors and an Intuitive Empath with a BFA in Interior Design and over a decade of diverse design experience.
    But in order for anything beautiful to occur in this space at all, I need your creativity. My only inspiration is what truly lights you up on the deepest levels.
    I am so excited that you are here on this journey. I would be so honored if you chose me as your tour guide through the design universe. My wish is to open you up to the creative genius inside yourself. My dream is to create, with you, an environment that speaks to your soul and nurtures your deeper self.
    Whether you want to just renew an existing space, or create a whole plan for your home, I am here for you. No project or budget is off-limits. Together we can find the creative space in anything.
    You already have all the power to create an amazing environment within yourself. My purpose is to listen to your desires first and foremost and bring those wishes to life for you.
    Through this design process, I will be able to paint a picture of what makes you, you… on a deeper level. Then I will show you aligned creative ideas, curated for you so that you can choose the environment that's in alignment with who you are!


    Catherine Rose

    • If you are curious and ready to learn how to engage with your inner inspiration (for your environment, or life)… check out my FREE Depth Design process to guide you towards uncovering YOUR innate creativity! •

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