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    Hi all, i'm an architectural 3D Artist from Italy with 10+ years of experience in Architecture Designing, 3D modelling and 3D visualization. Thank you for your interest in me.

    My Services:
    ✓ Exterior & Interior Visualization;
    ✓ 3d modeling and Product Rendering;
    ✓ 3D & 2D Floor Plans;

    The software I'm using:
    ✓ 3ds max + Vray;
    ✓ AutoCAD;
    ✓ Adobe Photoshop.

    I'm graduated in:
    ✓ 2020 - "Vray per 3dsMax" Chaos Group Certificate;
    ✓ 2020 - "Modellazione 3d per 3dsMax e Vray" at Gopillar Academy in e-learning;
    ✓ 2019 - "Vray per 3ds Max" at Unione Professionisti in e-learning;
    ✓ 2009 - "3D Animation e Video editing" at 2F Firenze School;
    ✓ 2008 - "Parametric modeling of buildings" at 2F Firenze School;
    ✓ 2007 - "Graphic Designer" at 2F Firenze School;
    ✓ 2006 - "Graphic technical operator AutoCad" at 2F Firenze School.

    Would you like to discuss a project or just say hello? Please contact me at:

    Email: francescogiovani@outlook.it
    Web: www.francescogiovani.com

    Feel free to contact me,
    Thank you.
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