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    I have a diverse background in the design industry, Residential design is my passion, but I also have worked with product design and development and aircraft interiors. I have a degree in Interior Architecture & Design, and I am also an ASID Allied Member.

    I started offering virtual design services (e-design) three years ago, and I love the platform this provides to anyone. This is the perfect service for someone who needs help pulling everything together and doesn't mind doing some legwork. I'll provide all the tools and resources you will need to implement your design.

    I offer different levels of service depending on the scope of your project

    My style is clean lines, classic furniture, and vintage elements creating a space that is both modern and timeless. Mixing elements that reflect your personality and style that will inspire and promote well-being is key to a successful design.

    A few fun facts about me;
    I'm a wife and mom of 3
    When I’m not working, I’m usually planning my next project.
    I love small scale objects
    I enjoy DIY projects
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