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    After studying Interior Design, I worked for five plus years, designing a 53,000 square foot furniture showroom, which allowed me to really hone my space planning and design skills. As a certified interior decorator, when designing a home, I believe design is a sensual experience - involving all the senses. It's not just what you see, it's what you hear (music, a crackling fire, a water fountain bubbling), smell (candles, freshly cut flowers), feel (leather, a thick and cozy throw), and - if you taste with your eyes first - fruit or baked goods artfully displayed. These are what make a home layered and inviting. And perhaps its a primal thing, but to me, when you pull stone, iron, grasscloth, wood - natural elements - help a home feel grounded and timeless. It just feels safe.

    You see, I do believe that our spaces, the places we live, become infused with our energy. Our memories. Our hopes and dreams for the future. It’s why your grandmother’s dining room table isn’t just a place to eat. It is, in a very real sense, every Thanksgiving dinner you ever shared. The vase you picked up on your honeymoon isn’t just a place to put flowers, it represents the love you shared the day you found it, and every peony you placed inside it since.

    Where you live, how you surround yourself, has meaning, and my one of my greatest joys is helping you create a home that so deeply reflects who your family is, that your spaces can’t help but reflect back your own unique and vibrant personalities.

    Interested in seeing how I can make your space come to life? Contact me, and let's collaborate to tell your story.
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