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    Owner and designer Monica brings unique and diverse skills to interior design. She is originally from California and draws inspiration from all the places that she has lived— Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Lexington, KY, and Houston, TX. Monica has loved helping clients create beautiful rooms that reflect their style. A well-designed space can elevate our mood, state of mind, and physiology. Monica draws from her unique background in her designs and has the expertise to present complex concepts visually and problem solve. With a PhD in neuroscience, she has managed projects, published in the field, conducted cutting edge research, and taught university courses in psychology and neuroscience.

    For so many of us, the pandemic changed our perspectives in how we use our space. With some projects completed, Monica started formal training in interior design through a combination of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and eDesign courses. This inspired the launch of her business, Reflected Interior Design. Since then, she has worked with several clients including new homeowners and those that needed to refresh their spaces.

    So much of interior decor is solving problems and finding cohesive solutions. Let Monica help you find solutions to your spaces and make them serene. Monica is practical and uses furnishings where form fits function. Rooms should be both beautiful and useful. Her technical skills are used in recreate your room in 3D photorealistic images with a cohesive design.

    Why choose Monica? Monica mixes creativity and beauty with functionality. She has an understanding of our senses and perception, color, and form meeting function. She is a seasoned project manager (10+ years), highly analytical, and attentive to detail. Her services are personalized and she listens to her clients’ needs. Monica understands the value of coming home to a well-design space to relax.
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