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    Hi! My name is Natalie. I have a diploma in interior design and have been in the business since 2020.

    I have done e-design for renovation companies and recently decided to start my own business. I love how an e-design allows the customer to take charge of what they want to do in the room and on their own time! Once you have all the pieces that I recommend you can choose to go for all of them or slowly add and update your space as money allows.  I am also always available for help during the install process, so you never need to hesitate to contact me for any reason at all. A Few things about me!
    -I’m a single mom of an autistic teenager.
    -Thrift Shopping is one of my favorite things! Especially for furniture and decor items!
    -I used to work a 9-5 government job for 12 years and recently decided to jump into my dream of being an interior designer full time.
    -I am an artist at heart. I paint, sew, garden, and of course designing rooms for clients, friends, and family.

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