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    Hey there! I'm Ede! I have a Masters's Degree in Interior Architecture and have been in the business since 2010. I have done work in construction as well as worked with small and large design firms. I started my own business in 2013. I have done major renovations and remodeling of homes, Kitchens, and Bath Designs. However, I have found out since Covid that E-Design has a way of meeting clients' needs which may have been found to be far-reaching before now.
    My designs are unique, timeless and curated to meet your needs. My recommendations are budget specific to individual clients requirements.
    I am available to help you during the installation process. Do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

    3 things about me!
    -I am a mother of 3 kids
    -I attended Grad school in my 30's with 3 kids (10 and under)
    -I enjoy baking just about anything.
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