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    The Nascent is an Interior Design and Styling studio that believes in transforming spaces into what we call as ‘homes’. Founded by Aishwarya, a certified professional and creative expert who also holds a Masters Degree in Interior designing from Florence Design Academy, Italy, The Nascent is your one stop shop for all things styling and decor. Aishwarya has a knack for all things Bohemian, and the same reflects in her work. However, as she puts her love for Boho-Indie and Scandinavian elements to use, she fuses it with the vision and preferences of her clients. Her work is spread across eclectic and eccentric projects, some of which have been featured in Elle Decor India too. If you’re looking for a hands on stylist, designer and creative expert, Nascent is the place for you!
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The Designer has paused their services. Please check back soon!