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    Sarah is the founder of Urban Savvy Design. An award-winning studio focused on creating transformative spaces, through a mindful and holistic approach to interior design. Sarah's passion is creativity, empowerment, and authentic expression through interior design.

    Her design philosophy is born from an intimate understanding of the relationship between our dynamic humanness and the physical world that we inhabit. She crafts innovative interior solutions that create an authentic visual story of my client’s lives. With a heart-centred approach to their holistic well-being by creating balance and harmony in their interiors and drawing on principles from the natural environment.

    The spaces curated by Sarah embody her clients’ values and lifestyle while supporting them in living their best lives possible. The design alchemy her clients’ experience is devoting their time within their homes to what brings them joy and meaning while experiencing the beauty of a crafted and curated space.

    Sarah believes that personal authentic style always triumphs over design trends. That natural materials overshadow synthetic, and handcrafted furniture pieces outshine the mass-produced. Therefore, she creates interior spaces as layered in texture as they are in personality.

    Her Interior Design services have been created, with love, for women who believe in designing a life of purpose and nourishing joy.

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