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Holiday season is going to be extra special this time – after almost 2 years of not seeing family members and close friends, and not having the opportunity to be under the same roof … people globally are extra excited to finally (taking all precautions), be able to spend this special time of the year with the ones they love most!

We took this opportunity to also address the anxiety hosts are enduring, trying to make their homes rise to the occasion. While your local department stores are overflowing with holiday decor and gifts for your stockings by your mantle – we decided to ask our experts to tell us what they feel are the best way to get your home Holiday ready this extra special holiday season!

Top 4 Holiday trends:

Below are our top 4 Holiday trends recommended by our favorite designers:

MONOCHROMATIC design will be a big trend this year for Christmas. This trend highlights existing textures and architectural details, creating layers that make a space feel cozy and couture. Go neutral with white, beiges, and grays or add in festive holiday colors. For a bold look, try black or darker color tones to create a chic moody space.

by Hannah Skaar

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Left image: CB2, right image: Zara Home

PAMPAS: Move over Christmas greenery, Pampas grass is the new guy in town! We’ve seen pampas everywhere this past year – from weddings, to nurseries and everywhere in between – now it’s time to incorporate the lush, pillowy grass into modern, minimalistic boho Christmas designs. They can be added into your Christmas tree, made into a wreath or used as an alternative to traditional garland!

by Ashley Berdan

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Photo Cred: Pampas Gal

ASYMMETRICAL: I look forward to decorating for Christmas every year, and one trend in holiday decor that I’ve noticed this year is asymmetrical garland and trees. I’ve especially noticed this with asymmetrical garland over the fireplace. It’s a more modern look which I love to complement the rest of my furnishings and decor!

by Emily Bullister

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Picture credit to @graceinmyspace

Stick to the classics! Holiday decor is always changing, I recommend building a timeless collection of decorations that will outlast any trend. Glass bulbs, velvet bows, and warm white lights are always in style. When it comes to color, try building a foundation of neutrals (creams, whites, metallics) from there, layer in one accent color of varying shades to add depth and contrast.

by Alexandria Paris

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