A few simple and budget friendly items can complete take your home from Summer to Fall, and ready for the colder months.

Sharing 5 simple and affordable ways on how our founder Deb @deesignplay transformed her Living space with Jewel Tones, Pampas Grass and lots of Pumpkins!

#1 Fireplace Mantle Fall Decor

Fall is all about cozy evenings by the Fireplace. What better place to begin to start focusing your decor than the fireplace. Make it warm and welcoming to allow the vibe flow through the room with subtle decorating artifacts.

#2 Faux or Natural Pampas Grass

Deb’s home is a welcoming space all year round – to animals (she has 3 rescued pets) as well as friends and family. It is important to keep her decor tasteful and not overwhelming, especially since her Cat loves kicking her decor around the house. Quickest tip here is where she swapped out her Flower stems with Faux Pampas – and instantly the vibe changed from Spring to Fall!

#3 Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Pumpkins are everywhere around the house, in all sizes, colors and shapes! Mix up little pumpkins with other pieces in your house such as Table Top trays, Fireplace Mantle, Kitchen Island etc ! You can stick to keeping monotone (like above), or mix it up with multiple eclectic shades!

#4 Rustic baskets & Jewel Tones

Fall is about jewel tones (mostly), although Deb recommends mixing it up. There’s no reason to make it all about rust and orange.. add in some gold, whites, dark greens and other jewel tones to bring out the warmth of the season!

Add rustic touches with Wheat stems, Weave baskets along with monotone vases to bring a farmhouse feel to the otherwise electric mood.

#5 Candles and Lanterns

Deb’s close friends know her house might run out of salt and wine, but never candles! Candles are one of the most magical ways to set the mood – play some Sinatra, light up a few stick candles and let the aroma carry through the evening! Add in easy Taper Candles and Lanterns around the house, porch entrance and even by the Fireplace and see your home transform!