Looking for inspiration and ideas for patio design? we have 7 amazing ideas that will help you convert/redesign your backyard exactly the way you want it.

7 amazing ideas for patio design. Convert your backyard into a space that will bring family and friends closer, where memories will get made.

Patio, backyard, garden, or verandahs, irrespective of the size, are the most versatile outdoor space. Thanks to the pandemic situation, patios have gained special recognition. They serve as office space, happy hour haunts, refuges to enjoy nature, or simply an outdoor space to relax. As the weather begins to change and summer sets in, spending time outdoor seems like the best option. And somehow we always think of changing the interiors of our homes. Rarely do we think of giving our patios a makeover.

Open-air lounge areas always sound welcoming and happening. They can be decked to host friends, spend a cozy evening outdoors, or do barbeques. There is a lot that can be done to amp up the décor of patios. Patio ideas with lights, patio ideas with fire pit, patio ideas with grill are some simple ideas. And, whether it’s a small backyard or apartment balconies or lush acres in the countryside, ideas for patio design are always in demand. Look for patio ideas on Pinterest and you will be spoilt for choice and confused at the same time.

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Our Founder & CEO Deboshree Dutta (Deb) is a fan of all things DIY. She loves the concept of ideas for patio design. Very recently she had redone her backyard and mentioned all about patio ideas for small backyard in her blog post. Deb had also decorated her patio to bring in her wedding anniversary during the lockdown. She did everything from setting up cute Bistro-style dining tables, a cute firepit, to laying out garden-style seating. Read about her ideas for patio design here and get inspired.

ideas for patio design
Deb celebrating her wedding anniversary in her backyard

Ideas for patio design are interesting, invigorating, and exhilarating. Let’s explore ways in which patios, of all shapes and sizes, can be designed and decorated.

Ideas for patio design with lights

A little bit of illumination always goes a long way!

Patio ideas with lights are the simplest design ideas for decking up your backyard. Whether you have a small yard, live in an apartment, or in a bungalow with lots of green space around, creating patio ideas with light is your best bet. Plus it’s an economical way of designing. You can use string lights, hanging bulbs, lanterns, or candles to add the glow.

Pic credit: Country Living
Pic credit: Country Living
Pic credit: Pinterest

Backyard lighting ideas are pretty open-ended. It’s like a playground. You can experiment as much as you like and keep changing your decor at regular intervals.

Patio design for small spaces: You can use a potted plant base for adding light. Hang the plant on the wooden pole and wrap it around with string lights. If you have flowers and greenery around, this design idea will just pretty up your space.

You can also create a tent-like effect with strands of string lights. Place your table and chairs in the center and create a tent-like effect above this outdoor setup for a perfect evening decor. For patio design with fire pit, just add some string lights in the backyard and light the fire pit. This will create a cozy, happy space for an evening of music and fun.

If you have a big lawn, then use a big tree as a base for patio ideas with light. Simply drape the lights from the tree, hang them at regular intervals, and voila! your backyard is lit and how. You can also hang glass jars from the branches and add battery-operated lights in them for the extra glow.

ideas for patio design
ideas for patio design

If you have a covered patio, then use the corners. Secure the lights by attaching them to each corner of the roof. It gives a uniform look to the patio with the deck. You can also add some lights to the plants or wall for a subtle background look. Place some lanterns on the table and you are done.

patio ideas for apartments

If you live in an apartment in a city and have a tiny patio, then we have ideas for patio design right here. For small apartments with even smaller balconies, there are multiple ways in which one can design the space. The simplest decor idea is to hang string lights. If there is no hard structure to hang these lights, then make use of the cement poles. Tie them up through the bottom of the planters. In a patio with roof design, you can again hang pendant lights.

ideas for patio design
Pic Credit: Pinterest

To add glory and glamour to a deck with patio ideas, we suggest investing in beautiful weather-resistant furniture. They last through all seasons and are usually low-maintenance pieces. An outdoor rug with a vibrant pattern that can cover the floor adds drama. Further to this setting, you need a faux-wicker sofa and coffee table set for the comfort element. You can also keep one or two teak folding chairs depending on the space.

If there is an interesting wall that you can deck up, then add planters. Add some wooden planks behind and hang beautiful planters with a variety of plants, flowers, or even herbs. You can make a walled garden on a patio of an apartment.

Pic Credit: Pinterest
ideas for patio design
Pic Credit: Pinterest

Ideas for patio design on a budget

You are bored of having the same look of your backyard for years and want to redo the space. But, the cost is a constraint? Fret not. We have patio ideas on a budget.

There are many ways to save when redesigning a patio. One of the least expensive ways is to include DIY projects. Give your patio space a personal touch with DIY projects. It is not only cost-efficient but also therapeutic.

Furniture is the most expensive thing while doing a patio design on a budget. We recommend finding high-quality furniture pieces at garage sales, flea markets, or if you are not too finicky, then even on the side of the roads. With a little bit of love and time, you can give these items a new life. Just sand them and paint them fresh.

ideas for patio design
ideas for patio design

Also, patio design with pavers and patio ideas with pergola is the ideal highlighters when thinking of cost-saving. Place some plants on the sides of pavers and add some interesting light to add shine to space.

firepit in the backyard

Is there anything better than drinking wine, toasting marshmallows, cozying up in front of a warm, crackling fire in your backyard?

A firepit is a very personal choice. Some need it as a necessity, while some like it only during chilly winter. But whatever is your liking, we have ideas for patio design with fire pit ready.

ideas for patio design
Pic Credit: Deesignplay

If you have to build a patio design with fire pit, then keep in mind the measurements of your garden furniture. A long sofa or bench will be best complemented with a narrow fire pit. Refer to the image above to know how a long sitting arrangement must have a shorter and narrower fire pit. If you are thinking of patio ideas with pool and patio ides with fire pit both, then keep good distance between the two areas. You don’t want water splashing out and ruining the fire.

If you have a smaller yard and can’t have a permanent fire pit, then opt for an enclosed fireplace. Another benefit of having an enclosed fire pit is that you can also take it on the go.

A classic cast-iron bowl can be a fire pit that feels low-key and inviting both. Just throw in a rug and some big cushions to sit and relax. you don’t even need any furniture in this case.

Building a patio fire pit design can be an interesting experience. Depending on the space, you can create a seating arrangement made of recycled wood, concrete, or cast iron. You may choose to add décor but we suggest having string lights around the fire pit.

ideas for patio design

app for backyard designing

Want to design your patio but need the help of an expert? We are suggesting a few apps and sites that can help with ideas for patio design.


Schedule your free interior design consultation on RoomPlays and get started with ideas for patio design. RoomPlays features exceptional interior designers from across the world who design your space in your budget and style, entirely online. Get 3D renders of the design from these designers along with a shopping list and you are done. RoomPlays offers the most competitive price packages as well.

ideas for patio design

My patio design

My Patio Design offers downloadable patio plans for individuals as well as suppliers who are in the business of creating patios. They provide an extensive catalog of patio designs from which one can easily choose their design.


IScape is a free landscape designing app for Apple users. It allows to design a patio online from a smartphone or iPod. IScape is an interactive platform that uses augmented reality function to visualize ideal landscape. One can even create 2D or 3D designs on the app.

patio ideas with pool

It’s summertime and you are craving water fun. What better place than a swimming pool, right! But given the current situation when going out is not an option, then best is to have a pool at home. With backyards being small or big, can the size define the process of pleasure? Definitely not.

This summer we bring some refreshing ideas for patio design with pool.

As we said, the size of your patio is not a determiner of whether you can have a pool or not. If you live in a farmhouse, then you definitely have a large pool and your options for designing the patio by the pool are unlimited. But if you have a small backyard, then a DIY pool is what you need. Have you heard about stock tank swimming pools? Originally these were used to feed livestock at farms, but today they are perfect as a pool for patio ideas for small yards.

ideas for patio design

In the patio ideas with pool, we suggest using big umbrellas, pretty folding chairs, creating eye-catching passage (patio with pergola ideas), putting up light stone tile border and gravel walkway, or planting Cyprus trees in your patio.

patio design for small spaces

Fret not if you have a small patio. These are great for doing patio ideas on a budget. Doing little things here and there can be very relaxing and rewarding. put up a hammock and hang some string lights. Add a piece of fancy furniture or just bring in new planters for your patio.

ideas for patio design

Get a firepit for patio ideas with firepit or a grill for patio ideas with grill or even build she shed. Read more on how Deb created her she shed in her garage. You can build one in your backyard.