Want to become a virtual interior designer? Follow these tips and you can become a RoomPlays design squad member.

Are virtual interior designers real? What do they do? How can someone get interior designing done virtually? People always ask such questions about virtual interior designers. Well, let’s burst some bubbles here. Virtual interior designers are for real. They do exactly what an onsite interior designer does and yes, people love hiring virtual interior designers.

As Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like; the design is how it works”. This has never been more relevant than today, especially in interior designing.

Our home interiors have started to define us and our personality. We enjoy the idea of decking up nooks and corners. We all look for home décor ideas on social media. And, most people need experts to help bring that dream look into reality.

RoomPlays does exactly this. The RoomPlays design squad helps bring dream interior designs to life virtually. The Founder and CEO, Deboshree Dutta (Deb) started the platform to give equal opportunities to women-led small interior designers and entrepreneurs to connect with a global clientele and create beautiful spaces. The platform has numerous virtual interior design services offered by designers from across America, Russia, Brazil, and Australia.

Let’s see what does it take to become a virtual interior designer today.

Learn CAD to be a virtual interior designer

Learn CAD if you want to be a virtual interior designer. Focus on sketching and graphical drawing skills. Knowing how to build 2D and 3D design renditions helps give a visual representation of the interior design to the client. It boosts their confidence when they know how the space will look even before the work begins. And, as a virtual interior designer, you must satisfy the client with a design sketch first.

virtual interior designer
3D design rendition

3D visualization, software rendering, and drafting are some of the key skills that are extremely important for interior designers. Check the design renditions suggested by RoomPlays designer Emily for this project.

If you are wondering how to learn interior designing or how to become an interior designer without a degree, then look at the many online interior design courses available across education sites. Just search and opt for the one that meets your requirement.

Define what online interior design services you’ll offer

Define your services. As a virtual interior designer, you have to be sure of the services that you can offer. Make a detailed list of specific deliverables. Your service offering could look something like this:

Design Rendition I Mood Board I Shopping list I Other notes

Check Erin’s mood board for her client on RoomPlays

Remember that being a virtual interior designer, you may not be able to help your clients with detailed interior design services like construction, plumbing, painting, etc. Mention that clearly in your plan.

Every virtual interior designer must have a style & specialty

We all are born with a unique taste and style quotient. And, we tend to excel at what we know best. Therefore, a virtual interior designer must have a unique design style. This means, if mid-century modern style or traditional interior design styles attract you, then focus on that. Its best not to mix too many styles.

Allison’s design style is Farmhouse & Bohemian
virtual interior designer
Emily enjoys transitional, mid-modern and industry styles

Once the interior design style is specified, it also becomes easier for a client to shortlist the designer . However, this does not mean that you cannot try other interior design styles.

To figure whats your niche, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my design style and why do I relate to it the most?
  • Do you want to focus on condos, apartments, villas, or all?
  • Who is your target audience – families with kids or just couples?
  • What do you prefer – indoor or outdoor spaces or both?

Remember, your design illustrations should also have a unique look and feel that speak about you.

A virtual interior designer must ask questions. Many questions.

Prepare a detailed questionnaire for your clientele.

As a virtual interior designer, you must have an extensive questionnaire. This must include all relevant questions pertaining to the virtual interior design service opted by the client. And the answers should help you understand your client and their requirement better. Listen to our RoomPlays interior designer Erin Davis’s podcast to know how she built her questionnaire.

Hone product sourcing skills

Your client will rely on you for every interior design element. You must know where to send your virtual client for buying things that you are suggesting in your design rendition.

It’s important that you know all the online shopping sites well and build relevant relationships. RoomPlays interior designer Lisa has a tie-up with Amazon for online interior decor suggestions.

Read this virtual interior design client story to know what kind of product sourcing a designer has to offer. Check the shopping list section.

Another knowledge that a virtual interior designer must have is sustainable practices. It’s becoming more common for clients to request eco-friendly options. It’s advisable to know all the sustainable design features, options, and technologies available across categories.

virtual interior designer
Eco-friendly candle holder
Organic Rugs
virtual interior designer

Sustainable kitchenware

Hunt for virtual interior design opportunities

Every virtual interior designer must have a strong hand at virtual technologies. Be it Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, know all platforms that can help you connect with your clientele better.

A virtual interior designer must also look out for vendors and websites that offer discounts and exclusive deals. This way you will be able to offer your clients the best pricing and a better virtual interior design experience.

Create a solid portfolio

You are as good as your portfolio.

Lisa’s profile on Instagram
Virtual Interior Design
Emily’s profile on RoomPlays

It is important that a virtual interior designer must have a strong portfolio that highlights design style, specialities, projects, achievements, testimonials, and lots of pictures. This is an ideal way to engage with clients. Keep updating your portfolio with all the work you do.

How can you become a part of Roomplays team

RoomPlays is the first global virtual interior design marketplace connecting homeowners with interior designers. If you have the skills and are willing to explore virtual interior designing, then connect with us here. It’s a different experience that empowers designers with ownership and work-as-you-wish schedule possibilities.

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