RoomPlays brings an easy guide on How to DIY Bathroom

How to DIY a bathroom is one of the most frequently searched queries on the internet. And why not! Bathrooms are zen zones for many. In the pandemic when everyone was bound to stay home and work from home, bathrooms proved to be the perfect escape pads.

One not only does the natural in a bathroom but also prepares for the day. it is that room in a home where everyone confides in their own secrets, enjoys their own company, self-talks, grooms, and maybe even works. Therefore, creating a warm atmosphere in the bathroom with lovely decor has been considered impactful.

However, whenever one thinks of renovation things like expenses, time to renovate, list of things to buy come to mind. Hence, people often put the idea of renovating on hold. But, we at RoomPlays are giving you 7 easy tips on how to DIY bathroom.

RoomPlays is an online interior design firm connecting designers and clients from around the world. It is a platform that empowers women, independent designers, home decorators to work and monetize through e-designing. RoomPlays founder Deb created the interior design portal with an intent to make designing affordable, likable, and accessible. She believes that interior designing is not a rich man’s game. Everyone should be able to build their dream decors and get professional help.

During the lockdown, Deb also undertook the How to DIY bathroom project to give it a new spin.

A traditional bathroom style that was renovated in a DIY style
A traditional bathroom at RoomPlays founder Deb’s home in California

From an old school bathroom with tan walls and a standard bathtub, she converted it into a hip bathroom with funky monochrome patterned tiles. A DIY project that cost her under $100.

How to DIY bathroom
RoomPlays founder Deb recreated her bathroom to give it a new spin with funky monochrome tiles

Let us learn 7 simple tricks on how to DIY bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Wall Décor

Bathroom walls can be designed to tell many stories. Some funny, some inspirational.

One could choose between a wall frame or a DIY decoration to put on the wall. The idea is to accentuate the look of the bathroom. Of course, the entire wall space can’t be used due to moisture issues, but the upper half of the wall can definitely be spruced to make it tidier and beautiful.

Keeping plants and gorgeous planters is one of the interesting ways to change the overall look of the bathroom. The market is full of options, but if one has the time and inclination then making planters out of waste material like empty bottles, cans, ice-cream tubs can be both, therapeutic and cost-effective.

How to DIY bathroom
Keeping plants in bathroom just changes the entire look of the place

Hanging jute planters over a bathtub is also a great way to beautify the space.

How to DIY bathroom

DIY Bathroom Floating Shelves

Pic credit: Pinterest

If you are looking for inspiration while considering how to DIY bathroom at your home, then consider using floating shelves to add depth, decor, value, and clutter-free space.

From tiny to big, long to short, wooden to wired, floating shelves are available in all forms in the market. There is an immense opportunity to get creative with placing these multi-functional shelves.

How to DIY bathroom
How to DIY bathroom: RoomPlays founder Deb used a bath caddy tray to keep all-things-she-loves over her bathtub.

To make extra storage for bath products and décor items, these shelves can be placed either on top of the sink, placed on the floor, next to the bathtub, hung over a hook, or even built under a small basin. There is no limit to exploring options here.

How to DIY bathroom
A tiny shelves fixed on the corner has amped-up the look of this small powder room.

While redoing a bathroom, cost plays a major role. The whole idea behind doing a DIY project is to not spend a lot. So, sourcing from places like Target, Walmart, or reusing an old ply from the backyard works best.

Shelf like this from Target costs under $20

These shelves come in handy to keep pretty baskets, cute vases, scented candles along with bath towels, and other essentials.

How to DIY bathroom
Baskets and jars add to the prettiness of the bathroom. We highly recommend using them when considering how to DIY bathroom. Pic credit: Pinterest

DIY Bathroom Wall Art

Wall art is great. But in a bathroom!

Yes. We highly recommend adding your twist of art to your bathroom wall. Things like inspirational quote frames, fun games, book spaces can make the visit worthwhile.

Consider putting a frame like this:

How to DIY bathroom
How to DIY bathroom: One can never get tired of solving word puzzles, especially in a bathroom.

Even art canvases that define your personality are great options for putting up on bathroom walls.

How to DIY bathroom
We got this picture here and suggest adding a frame you like while working on How to DIY bathroom

And, if you like to paint, then try painting on the bathroom wall. You can never have enough of hand-painted murals, but remember not to overdo them.

Pic credit: Wall Mural

RoomPlays designer InteriorSwag had redone one wall of her bathroom to give it a fresh look. Check her blog here to follow her steps to create wall art in your bathroom. This is one of the most simplest wall art ideas.

How to DIY bathroom
How to DIY bathroom

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Mason jars are the most versatile storage products for keeping in a bathroom. They can be bought in colors and designs, or created at home with recycled stuff.

Check this video on YouTube to see how to make a mason jar set at home.

How to DIY bathroom
DIY bathroom accessory: Customized mason jars

Internet is flooded with DIY ways to create customized mason jars. These jars are great storage solutions. Make one to store toothbrushes, cotton pads, buds, candles, or even potpourri. They always look good.

The best part about mason jars is that there is no fixed rule about having them in a bathroom. Floating shelves can be used to fix these jars either on the walls of the bathroom or over the bathtub/sink. They can be kept anywhere depending on the space, reach, and likeability.

Mason jars fixed on shelves look great

One can even buy plain jars from a supermarket and convert them using craft items that are easily available.

Remember, it’s a DIY bathroom décor item. Do as you wish. Everything is correct. Everything is right.

DIY Bathroom Floor Replacement

In this article above, I mentioned how RoomPlays founder Deb renovated her bathroom and changed the flooring herself. It is actually this simple. Anyone can do it.

How to DIY bathroom
This is how Deb’s bathroom floor looked originally.

She used peel and stick vinyl floor pops to change the surface. Read her blog to know how she converted her old looking bathroom to a fancy one.

How to DIY bathroom

Similarly, when the RoomPlays designer InteriorSwag redid the guest bathroom at her home, she preferred changing the tiles. From boring brown, she opted for the shining marble-effect tiles.

The before after pictures of this DIY transformation are mind blowing.

DIY Bathroom Hand Towel Holder

Are you bored of the regular steel hand towel bar in your bathroom? If yes, then try changing them, but in an inexpensive way.

Hand towel stands are such a basic accessory that we seldom think of changing them. But trust me, there are multiple ways of hanging your hand towels in style.

Use old hangers to create towel holders. Just invert them.

How to DIY bathroom

Or use rope to make a traditional style holder.

Even wooden wall shelves look great as towel holders

The options are limitless. It all depends on ones vision and creativity.

DIY Natural Bathroom Air Freshener

There can never be enough emphasis on the need of good fragrances in a bathroom. Deodorizing keep the bathroom environment fresh and healthy.

These fragrances need not be expensive. Just like everything else, air fresheners can also be made at home, with simple kitchen ingredients.

Some examples of DIY natural air freshners are:

  1. Lemons – Keeping lemon slices in a plate leaves the bathroom smelling great. Lemons are known to be great at neutralizing odors. The zesty and fresh notes are very light and clean.
  2. Baking soda – Baking soda is again a great natural deodorizer. It has the ability to absorb unwanted odors and is absolutely safe to use. Simply placing a small bowl in a corner of the bathroom does the job. Adding a few drops of essential oil will dramatically change the effect of the freshener.
  3. Oil diffusers– Having oil diffusers around the house and bathroom enhances the aroma. These sweet-smelling fragrances are easy to make at home or can be bought at decent prices from nearby stores.

DIY Before and After

Renovating a bathroom can be so much fun. It can be done within a budget or even without spending money. This is one place where creativity can go wild. And there is no one judging since everything looks great.

If you have followed us here and taken inspiration while doing DIY bathroom makeover, then please share the before-after images. We will be glad to have helped.

Happy DIY’ing!