Faux plants that look real still in? Should you have them in your spring décor? RoomPlays brings a guide to spring décor inspiration with indoor plants.

Sunny days are here. It’s time to bring in color, faux plants that look real, live indoor plants, pretty linen, and floral dresses out from the closet. Bright sunshine after dull winter days definitely calls for a celebration. And what’s a celebration without some beautiful décor? We know doing springtime décor brings joy and sets a celebratory mood. Therefore, we have prepared a guide on spring décor inspiration with indoor plants.

Why only indoor plants? Everyone loves plants whether you live in a villa, an apartment, or a rented space. And bringing new indoor plants officially marks the beginning of the happy days. It’s also important to know which plants to keep inside and which ones go outside. Moreover, not everyone has a garden area to grow big plants and flowers. But that should not stop anyone from getting home some freshness and newness.

RoomPlays Founder & CEO Deboshree Dutta loves spring. She enjoys changing the look of her home and welcoming the new season. Deb, as she is famously known, loves doing DIY projects. Check out her blog to see her DIY tutorials. She loves indoor plants including faux plants that look real and has a few around her home. Since she has pets she finds faux plants to be safe as well as easy to maintain.

Faux plants that look real
Faux plants that look real

Do we need faux plants that look real?

Why not? Gone are the days when faux plants looked cheap and plastic-y. Today, there are a plethora of options available in faux plants that look real or almost real. Either ways, they do the job of adding to the décor value of the space.

The trouble with having live plants is that they, sometimes, become difficult to manage and even die. That’s the saddest part of having a live plant. With faux plants or artificial plants that is never a challenge. These may not have the many benefits of a live plant, nonetheless are a great solution to indoor planting. The best part about fake plants is that they never outgrow their pots, the leaves never droop down and turn yellow, and neither do they need watering or fertilizers. Fake plants are also pet-friendly and child-safe.

Are faux plants tacky? We don’t think so. Always.

How to make faux plants look real?

Faux plants that look real
Faux plants that look real
Faux plants that look real

Having indoor plants is a source of pleasure. Both faux plants that look real or live bring joy. If you are someone who cannot take care of real plants and flowers, don’t worry. Follow these tips to make sure you have faux plants that look real.

Buy the expensive ones

The market has many options for fake plants. You will find that the same plant type is available in different price ranges. And remember, these are costlier than real plants. Yet, our recommendation would be to buy the expensive ones.

Fake plants are made with polyester, plastic, or silk thread. The ones that are made of silk threads give it a real look and feel. Hence, fake plants are so expensive.

Faux plants that look real

Think of it as a long-term investment as compared to real plants. If maintained well, these faux plants last a lifetime and can be used in various décor styles.

Put them somewhere where they could grow

Faux plants that look real
Ideal place for keeping faux plants for that real look is around the window, door, mantle

Yes, you read it correctly. Remember we are talking about faux plants that look real. You must place them at a spot, where when looked at, they would look real. Find a spot where a live plant would grow and thrive. Place your fake plant in the exact same place. Believe us, unless peeped closely, no one will figure that it’s not real.

Dress them up

Faux plants that look real

If you really want your faux plants to look real, dress them up. Don’t leave them in the pot they came in. Transfer them in a pretty new planter (especially if the current one feels small for the plant). Also, add some dried moss on top to give it a more realistic look.

Spring décor inspiration with faux plants that look real

This spring, reinvent the wheel of interior design with faux plants that look real.

Due to the pandemic, people have busier than ever. Office, home chores, kids, groceries, laundry, etc. keeps everyone tie-up that tending to a live plant may not be possible always. Yet there is a desire for some greenery around the house. Read on to find how you can incorporate faux plants that look real, or almost real in your spring décor this year.

We have featured the trending faux plants of 2021. Try not to miss any!

Faux plants for the floor

Whether you need faux plants for living room, faux plants for bathroom, or even faux plants for mantle, here are a few raving suggestions for floor decorations. Faux plants in white pots look elegant. However, if you are not a white pot person, don’t fret. Feel free to pick any color, any pot you like.

Silk Ficus Tree, 6-Feet

This 6-foot ficus has a delicate look, with its long and slender trunk, and the intricately detailed leaves.

Faux plants that look real
Faux plants that look real

Find these on Amazon and add a lovely floor plants in your favorite corner.

5 ft. Bird of Paradise Plant

There is a unique quality about Birds of Paradise – the real plant also looks fake. So, this is one plant that you can buy guilt-free and indulge in a fake plant that looks real. This five-foot-tall artificial bird of paradise comes with irregular leaf tears and crinkles, just like a live plant.

Faux plants that look real
Check this on Amazon

5’ Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

This is the most trending fake plant of 2021. A five-foot-tall fiddle-leaf fig tree is going to be your companion for life. This has natural color variations on the tree bark and leaves, including creasing and textures. No wonder, fiddle leaf fig plants have been all the rage for quite some time now. It is one of the most sought-after faux plants. The live plants are very expensive.

Knowing that they are the most in faux plants that look real, it is advisable to make them look real. Usually, these fiddle leaf trees come in plastic pots. Buy a basket for fiddle leaf fig and place the plant in it.

Faux plants that look real

This is a bestseller in faux plants West Elm section.

Faux Potted Rubber Tree

If you are looking for a major interior design statement then get a faux rubber tree. It looks great nestled in a woven basket or funky ceramic planter. The best part about having a traditional-looking faux rubber plant is it actually looks real. With thick, dark-colored leaves, you can pretend-play that this faux plant is real.

Faux plants that look real
Faux plants that look real

Faux Olive Tree

The olive tree is also a trending faux plant of 2021. Light, tall, and airy, an olive tree is perfect for filling any bare corner. An olive tree for indoor interior design is something you can never go wrong with. Truly inspired by nature, bring a faux olive tree that has realistic leaves, a trunk, and even olives.

Faux plants that look real

List of hanging faux plants for your spring décor

Hanging plants are just as sweet as floor plants. They add a unique look to corners, shelves, or walls they are hung on. And there is no need to trim them or maintain their length and breadth. Below is our list of trending hanging faux plants that look real for 2021.

String of hearts

The plant is as sweet as its name. The String of Hearts is a winding vine that will make your heart grow fonder and your space brighter. It is low maintenance, no-nonsense plant.

Hang them in any corner and it’ll look elegant. Hang them over a bookshelf or place them in a white porcelain planter, these faux vines always appeal.

Faux plants that look real

Do check Amazon, Wayfair, West Elm for their faux plants collection.

Preserved Fern Kokedama

These are again lovely faux plants.

Kokedama is a Japanese garden art form that means moss ball in which a small plant or fern is grown on a moss-covered ball of soil. The Sill’s fern kokedama is preserved making it a hassle-free, environmentally friendly, pet-friendly, hanging faux plant.

Faux plants that look real

Boston Fern in Hanging Basket

If you are looking for a faux plant that looks real, then buy the Boston Fern. It is one of nature’s best-loved ferns. Its big, billowy pretty stems and leaves reach out and dip downward giving a pleasing effect.

Faux plants that look real
Faux plants that look real

Having a Boston Fern hanging basket amps up the looks of the space. Plus you never need to water them. perfectly personifies everything we love about this plant, with the bonus of never needing water or sun. Makes a great gift as well.

Faux plants that look real for tabletop decorations

Picture courtesy Costafarms

What’s a home décor without a tabletop plant! Right? Having tabletops plants on dining tables, console tables, bedside tables, bathroom, or randomly around the home amps up the look. Below is our recommendation for trending faux plants for tabletop decorations.

JC Nateva 16″

Faux plants that look real

These little faux plants are ideal for keeping on desks, corner tables, and bathroom shelves. Low on maintenance, this appeals to everyone.


Who doesn’t like the purple shades of gorgeous lavenders! These purple faux silk flowers with stems provide an effortless, elegant décor for home and office. They are just the plant you need for beautifying the dining table.

Faux plants that look real
You can buy this faux plant that looks real on Amazon

Faux lavenders are a perfect choice if your interior design style is the farmhouse home style. They look rustic and have a timeless appeal.

Faux Angel Wings Begonia

Call it the Angel wing begonia or polka dotted begonia, these are bronze-green wing-shaped leaves with dramatic rusty-red undersides. It is a beautiful houseplant for desks and tabletops, with low maintenance requirements.

Begonias with polka dots are a rare variety making it pretty expensive. Yet if you desire to nurture a live plant, then be assured that you are growing a friend for life. With time and with good care, it becomes a floor plant.

Having said this, if you do not want to spend so much, then keeping a faux begonia is the best deal.

Faux plants that look real on RoomPlays

RoomPlays interior design squad has some of the best interior designers including a team of women who have small businesses and love working virtually for a global clientele. They love the idea of placing faux plants that look real in their design renditions.

For those clients who have time constraints yet desire some greenery in their spaces, RoomPlays interior designers suggest plants that are great to look at and easy to keep.

If you are looking for faux plants that look real to prettify your space, then do follow our guide. We would love to see the pictures. Please do not forget to tag RoomPlays.