Introducing designer,

Jenny Caspers

from @acleanprismlife

We are so excited to have Jenny join the RoomPlays Design Squad. Jenny is an interior stylist who brings years of experience as an interior stylist and a home decor influencer to the RoomPlays platform. Based out of Twin Cities, she is currently offering Nursery Designs through curated design boards, shopping lists and consulting services to all RoomPlays customers. Learn more about her :

In her own words,

About Jenny:

“My name is Jenny Caspers, and I am an Interior Stylist, Product Photographer & Influencer working out of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. I love being a wife and a mom and creating clean, cozy, well-styled spaces in my own home and for others. ”

Her Decor Style:

“My decor style consists of a lot of white, black, blues, wood, greenery, clean lines, bold statements, and general simplicity. I believe in mixing the old with the new — keeping items we hold near and dear to our hearts, and displaying them in a thoughtful way while maintaining balance in the room. “.  Check out @acleanprismlife on Instagram.

Why work with Jenny:

“My goal is to create spaces that are ultimately serene, welcoming, and interesting to the eye without feeling cluttered. I would love to help design a space for your home that is uniquely you!”

Jenny’s Design Services:

Jenny offers beautiful designs for baby nurseries and will help you create a cozy space for your little one.

Book your design services with Jenny!!

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