RoomPlays brings Interior Design Trends 2021 for giving your home a spring makeover. Simple ideas that will help beautify your home this year.

Are you bored of the same interior design and want to know the latest interior design trends of 2021? Yes? Continue reading.

Spring has sprung. You know it with the freshness in the air. Everyone falls in love with everything nice, bright, and sunny. Spring enlivens the environment. It is an ideal time to give homes and spaces a makeover.

Keeping the need to give homes a spring-fix in mind, RoomPlays brings Interior Design Trends 2021.

But before that, meet RoomPlays Founder and CEO, Deboshree Dutta. Deb, as she is known, loves transitioning home decor with every season change. The idea of moving furniture around, putting away winter stuff, and bringing out lighter linen, curtains, crockery excites her. Do visit her blog to know how she decorated her backyard for spring.

Deb created RoomPlays to make interior designing affordable, approachable, and fun. RoomPlays is a dynamic online interior design platform that connects designers with a global clientele. The fabulous design squad of RoomPlays creates virtual designs for people who want to transform their spaces on a budget. Many have benefitted and converted their dream spaces into reality on RoomPlays. See it for yourself here.

Design trends for 2021

We think this year is going to be all about livable luxury. Given the tough times’ people from around the world have endured, versatility in design trends will be in. It will be all about using less-used spaces, multipurpose furniture, durable fabrics, and lots of DIY decors.

We are giving you the list of the top 5 interior design trends 2021 that will help you transform your space in the simplest ways.

Clever Multipurpose Furniture

Staying indoors with little to no contact with the outside world has changed the whole perspective of being home. It is no longer a place to only bathe and sleep. Being happy, staying positive, and managing work from home for over a year now have changed the way people view home and its furniture.

Interestingly, the status of furniture has changed. It is no longer just a piece of furniture. It is the most functional piece of art that everyone desires. And to add to this, clever multipurpose furniture has become a chartbuster item on the interior design trends 2021 list. Get these and your home makeover gets sorted.

Interior design trends 2021

End Table

Every home must have this side table/end table. It is the most versatile furniture item that is space-saving, portable, and compact, along with being functional.

Suitable for all decor styles, we recommend this multipurpose table in the interior design trends 2021 list because you can use it as you like.

Use it as a plant stand, end table, coffee table, reading table, work station, or for holding vases and other decoration items. The choice is yours.

Lounge Sofa Chair

Eat. Sleep. Play. Work.

This is one multipurpose furniture item that should become a part of your spring decor. Hence we have it in our interior design trends 2021 list.

This floor sofa chair can be kept in the living room, bedroom, home office, dorm room, balcony, and even outdoors.

Interior design trends 2021
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Wall-mounted study table

These wall-mounted study tables are a rage. They are ideal for small spaces and also perfect for creating a niche corner where one can work, think, or read a book. When not in use, these can be folded and pushed back into the wall.

As an essential must-have item from the list of interior design trends 2021, we highly recommend getting one to create a soft corner this spring.

Sustainable linen for interior design trends 2021

This year will be all about the sustainable fabric. One that can be washed at home, is durable, and comfortable. With people staying indoors, bedroom linen has gained new importance. Master bedroom interior design trends 2021 features linen and slipcovers that wear well. It must be soft, comfortable, hassle-free, and made of breathable fabric.

Interior design trends 2021
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Floral bed linen for spring season

What’s a spring makeover without some floral decorations! Right? Why leave the bed behind then?

After enjoying warm bed linen in dark hues, it is time to give your bedroom a fresh look with floral bed linens. Style your bed with light tone pastel-shaded sheets to give it a spring makeover.

Definitely add this to your interior design trends 2021 list.

Interior design trends 2021

Spring ready duvet cover sets

If you are the kinds who like their bedsheets, slipcovers, pillowcases all matching, then invest in duvet cover sets.

These duvet sets give every bed and bedroom a premium look, one that you wouldn’t mind showing off.

Interior design trends 2021 for spring-y kitchens

How can a spring makeover be complete without giving the kitchen a touch of spring!

Doing spring makeovers are extremely simple. Just get some fresh flowers and put them in a vase of your choice. Bring in some baskets and place them on kitchen counters. Get that lighter-tone crockery out from the closet. And voila! your kitchen makeover is done. It’s exactly this simple.

You can even add a pop of color to the kitchen island. Compliment it with contrasting bar stools.

Design trends for your windows

Winters are over and its time for windows to stay open. Allow that fresh air to come in. Enjoy that breeze and sunlight.

Springs are all about fresh flowers, fresh air, lots of daylight, and breeziness. Don’t forget to give your windows a spring makeover. There are various ways in which windows can be styled. Changing curtains is one style idea.

Interior design trends 2021
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Contrast-colored curtains

If you want to add a distinctive and fresh look to your interior design, then get curtains in contrast colors. Yellow with white, green and white, purple and lilac are just a few classic combinations that never go wrong.

Remember to add minimalistic fittings so that your interior design remains aesthetic for a more extended period of time.

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Oversized floral curtains

In the interior design trends 2021 list, oversized floral curtains rate very high.

Add these English-Victorian-inspired curtains to glam up the look of your bedroom, living room, study, or dining room. Do not accessories these curtains and keep the surrounding area clutter-free for a clear, beautiful view.

Interior design trends 2021 for walls and floors

The best part about doing a spring makeover is that you can move around things that are easily available at home and create a special corner. The simplest way is to give your walls and floors a spring-y look.

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Bohemian Accent Rug

Elevate your dining table with a Boho-inspired rug. Full of colors, patterns, and fun textures, Bohemia style is a perfect companion to spring decor.

Interior design trends 2021
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If you have an open wall shelf or don’t mind fixing one, then display rainbow-colored glassware.

Arrange these candy-colored stem glasses by color, height, or as you please to bring in the pop of color to a dull wall.

You can go absolutely budget-friendly here by opting for acrylic glasses.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Be it your bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen backsplash, or dining area you can change the look with peel and stick wallpapers. This is the easiest way to create an accent wall.

From oversized florals to geometric shapes to pastel-shaded abstract prints, you can get any design in any texture you like. Read our blog to know why peel and stick wallpapers are a rage.

RoomPlays recommends

The interior design trend that RoomPlays recommends is to give your home decor a seasonal touch always. Throw some abstract pillows, get some indoor plants, add some wall color, or do DIY projects. A little change enhances the look as well as the mood.