We have a step by step How to Decorate Christmas Tree with Ribbon or not tutorial here for you. Our CEO Deb Dutta decorated her Pre-lit 7.5 feet Christmas Tree and her Fireplace Mantel! Her holiday tradition is to set it all up with the company of her husband and the pets! She describes the whole process is a family thing, everyone is in it together and loves the outcome – for it is always so fun and easy to put together!

We love to do things that are affordable and easy. Making decorating over the top and largely inaccessible to others takes away from the point of Christmas – which is meant to be fun and together time with the family.

How to Decorate Christmas Tree with Ribbon or not

Check out how to decorate your Christmas tree (we don’t use a ribbon in this video) but you can easily pull up another tutorial to just insert the ribbon vertically or horizontally.

As a bonus we’ve also added how you can decorate your Fireplace Mantel! Decorating your Mantel for Christmas is such a fun activity – sourcing your Stockings and the Garland – can all be so fun and the final look of it is the best takeaway.

Usually Deb’s entire family – and by that we mean her husband, her 2 dogs and her cat are active participants in the Decorating routine! They held still while she took the video until of course she couldn’t reach the top of the tree and needed her hubby to help her out 🙂

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