DIY tips for creating an Instagram perfect fireplace mantel

Are you looking for interior design Instagram inspirations for your fireplace? Then you have come to the right blog. We are sharing interior design décor ideas to give your fireplace mantle a makeover this Xmas.

A fireplace is usually the center of attraction in a living room. It is the favorite hideout for family and friends. The coziness, the charm, and warmth of a room, especially in winters, becomes more enjoyable because of the fireplace.

Therefore, decorating the fireplace mantle becomes important. It adds to the beauty of the living room. Also, a beautifully decorated mantle makes for a lovely picture backdrop. And who doesn’t need an interior design Instagram worthy picture!

Interior Design Tips for decorating the fireplace mantel.

The mantel is the perfect perch for showcasing art, artifacts, flowers to family pictures. In fact, how well a mantel is decorated says a lot about the interior design inspiration behind the living space. It is that corner of the house that speaks volumes about the owners and their style.

You could go from being a minimalist to maximalist to contemporary or even stay classic. Every choice is perfect till you connect with the design of the fireplace. Here are some of our tried and tested DIY tips and tricks to decorate the mantel.

Minimalist fireplace mantle design ideas

Being a minimalist only means that you like fewer things around you. Open spaces appeal more.

If that’s the case then you could place a few picture frames of your loved ones on the mantle. Or, maybe decorate it with just candles. You could also keep a few planters (if you are a plant lover) and go natural with your design.

Our RoomPlays Founder Deb gave her fireplace mantle a design spin by going completely DIY.

See how beautiful the mantle looks with a simple round mirror and a few brass candle holders

She had bought this simple round mirror from Good Homes store a couple of years ago and loves to reuse it across different sections of her home. If you don’t have a mirror then you can buy one from our recommendations below. Or else, you can also place any mirror that you have. Remember it’s DIY. Absolutely no stress.

In case you wish to buy one, then explore these options:

The Abbate Accent Mirror from Wayfair

A simple wall mirror can accentuate the overall look of your mantel

This round accent mirror has a minimal metal floating frame. Made from iron and finished in a neutral shade, this mirror frame can add a sleek look to your mantel.

Brynn Glam Accent Mirror from Wayfair

Glam Accent Mirror for your fireplace mantle

Wayfair is definitely our favorite spot to look for all things stylish and quirky. Just like this Glam Accent Mirror. The mirror frame can highlight the look and appeal of any interior design.

Deb has also used brass candle holders on her mantle. Mirror and candle holders go hand-in-hand. When lit, the light reflects on the mirror adding sparks in the living space.

This wood and single metal candle holder set is also a great piece for the mantle.

This 3 piece tabletop candlestick set will also add to the beauty of the fireplace (pic 3+Piece+Candlestick+Set)

Maximalist fireplace mantle design ideas

Are you someone who likes a lot of design elements together? Yes? You are the maximalist interior design lover. You can take interior design inspiration from this picture here.

Maximalist mantle design. Pic credit: Pinterest

Adding a combination of design elements to the fireplace mantle can change the overall look of the space. You can add some family pictures, some random frames, some quotations, some inspirations. Basically you can add a variety of stuff to your mantle.

If you are a plant lover, then add one or two beautiful planters to your décor. Plants add life to any interior design. Over a mantle it will add some color.

Look at the variety of frames over this mantle. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Some frame ideas:

Black picture frame with gold insert

This Stripe Picture Frame in black with gold insert from Wayfair can be a great addition to the collection of frames. Black and gold colors are a classic and one can never go wrong with this.

You can also redo an old picture frame and add a rustic look to your mantle. Take design inspiration from this DIY design from Pinterest.

DIY picture frame idea for fireplace mantle

Planter ideas for your maximalist interior design inspiration.

Enhance the look of the mantle with this planter. Keep this or a similar planter on the mantle top to add freshness to your fireplace. Buy this on Amazon.

Geometric Terrarium Flower Pot

An abstract planter can also be a great addition to the mantle collection. Just like this piece from Aliexpress. This is a great planter pot for succulents bonsai.

Contemporary or classic fireplace mantle design ideas

Do you like natural texture that provides rustic chic look? Yes? Try these DIY styles to decorate your fireplace mantle this Christmas.

Nothing comes as close to green décor. That natural plant-based interior design theme can make the fireplace look real. Just like its in the woods. You should check this blog of our RoomPlays designer HipandHumbleStyle to see how she decorated her mantle with faux greenery.

The white and green fireplace mantle design by HipandHumbleStyle

To add subtle glamour to the interior design, she used rustic bells, white socks, and some candles. A perfect white Christmas.

Let us share some more classic fireplace mantle design inspirations with you.

If you enjoy art and like to have them at different corners of the house, then you can place one on top of the mantle. This is a look that never fails.

Classic mantle look. Pic credit: Pinterest

Keep one plant, one candle and you are sorted. Place a few pouffes, low chairs around and your room is set for the perfect warm evening.

A simple fireplace mantle but such elegance. Pic credit: Pinterest

Mirrors are a great design element in decorating the fireplace mantle. It can amp-up the whole look. It can transform the fireplace to an interior design Instagram worthy spot.

Framing a fireplace

If there is a fireplace, then accessorize the mantel. If there isn’t, then you can create a faux fireplace.

Christmas is such an important festival that not decorating every nook and corner of the house doesn’t feel right. You definitely need a place to hang those Christmas stockings.

This is a faux fireplace. Looks so real.

There are many ways to create a faux fireplace. Easiest is to build a structure with sheet goods. Create the firebox and mantle. You can use peel and stick wallpaper or 3D tile stickers to create the fireplace look.

Peel and stick tile sticker

Read more on how to create faux fireplace here.

A DIY fireplace can be so much fun. Building it from scratch with some basic materials like board sheets/wood/boxes, adhesive, paint or stickers can be a recreational activity for all age groups. Decorating the mantle for Christmas and holidays will surely be a soul satisfying creation.

In case you create one, please do share pictures with us. We love DIY.

Hang your stockings on the mantle

What’s a holiday without hanging those stockings. The fireplace is the best place for it. Those stockings are an integral part of the interior design basics for Christmas. You can do any style. After all its your festival. We have shared below a few Christmas decoration ideas . In case you like them, please do take design inspirations and create the mantle of your liking.

If you like red, then go all red.

If you like personalization, then having such personalized stockings can be good fun. Idea courtesy Etsy

Stockings, bells, lights, and plants. Perfect combination for decorating the fireplace

Interior design with plants. Plants and stockings together make the fireplace beautiful.

Pots and plants and lots of candles for the cozy fireplace mantle.

Christmas decoration in 2020

No doubt this year has been difficult. Too much has happened. We all need some breather, some fun, some more beautiful memories.

Its Christmas and the end of the year, a better idea would be to personalize your celebration. Stay home. Stay safe. Celebrate with your family.

Create lots of DIY. De-stress and enjoy. Sit by that cozy fireplace and wish for a peaceful, happy 2021.