So you are here to learn how to get the Modern Farmhouse look in your living room. Welcome to our How-to Series. In our How-to tutorials, we share a Step by Step guide to build your own Modern Farmhouse home. Modern Farmhouse style is really a combination of contemporary design layered in with the cozy aesthetic of a farmhouse, so that you can create that unique country style living right in your living space.

Here’s a 2 min crash course on How to get the Modern Farmhouse Look right in your Living Room Space

Foundations of Modern Farmhouse look – Get a Neutral Palette

The foundations of the modern farmhouse is really based on the choice of the color palette. Think about neutrals for large furniture pieces such as whites, grays or beige for couch of sectionals as well as for your curtains.

Contrast with Bold Hues

Don’t be afraid to add in unique ideas with pops of color with bold hues of blues or reds. Consider these for your throws or pillows.

Modern Farmhouse loves Textures with Wood and Metal

Lastly think about adding in accent pieces with exposed wood or metal to bring in the contemporary design. You would best apply this your coffee tables or light fixtures to seamlessly bring in the modern design. Consider even layering rugs with Neutral bases and textured fabric.

Step by Step Modern Farmhouse Style Guide

We have a step by step tutorial we put together for How to get the Modern Farmhouse Look in Your Living Room! You should be able follow it very easy and create a beautiful Modern Farmhouse living space no matter where you are.

If you want to learn more, we have a ton of designers who are experts in interior decorating and can help create Modern farmhouse looks.

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