RoomPlays is celebrating its women designers this women’s history month

March is Women’s History Month. It is the month to honor and celebrate the achievements and struggles that American women have endured in the United States.

We believe every woman must be celebrated every day and not just one day or month. Taking inspiration from the women’s history month, we are happy to join the party.

Some iconic women from the leagues of Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Anne Frank, Jane Austen, Mother Teresa, Mitchell Obama, and many more have been a constant source of inspiration. Famous women’s day quotes, said by these empowered women, that never fail to inspire and encourage include:

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. By Maya Angelou

Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own. By Mitchelle Obama.

The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. By Anne Frank.

RoomPlays recognizes its designers this women’s history month

Deboshree Dutta, Founder & CEO of RoomPlays gives an ode to womanhood. Being a lady-boss she knows what it takes to be a strong individual. She has risen the ladder with hard-work, guts, and lots of love.

She created RoomPlays to give an equal opportunity to women-led small businesses, established and budding designers to come together and work on a global platform. This women’s history month, she would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and recognize RoomPlays interior designers.

Deb proudly showcases to the world the women-force that’s helped RoomPlays reach its global clientele. Know our in-house designers who are creating crazy dream spaces virtually. They are winning hearts. And, they have our hearts and support!

Emily Bullister

Emily of Creating Homebase is a warm person and a passionate interior designer. She enjoys creating dream spaces for her clients, even remotely.

A mother of two toddlers, Emily shuffles between the roles like a pro. Along with raising babies, she works full-time creating interior design renditions for her clients. Some of her favorite things include thrift shopping and spending on furniture and kids’ items. Interestingly, Emily is a hard-core coffee lover.

We are proud to be associated with Emily and recognize the spark of warmth she brings to RoomPlays, this women’s history month.

Erin Davis

Erin loves designing family-friendly homes. She enjoys working around homes and spaces which are messy, busy, full of family drama, and lots of love. She has an eclectic design style. Loves to mix and match old with new, play with layers of texture, and work with colors. Incidentally, she finds white homes and spaces unexciting.

Erin has a formal degree in #interiordesign and has spent about ten years working with corporates in America. For the love of e-designing, she started erindavisdesign.

Recently Erin welcomed her first baby and is glowing with the joy of parenthood. We wish Erin immense happiness on her bundle of joy.

Erin has been a source of inspiration to the entire RoomPlays team. We love her.

Aspen Vanhoorebeck

Aspen Vanhoorebeck is an interior stylist from Dallas, Texas. As a RoomPlays design squad member, Aspen brings creativity and joy in every design rendition for her clients. She has a liking for American Farmhouse style and Modern Farmhouse Interior Design styles.

As a mother of two, a wife, an interior designer, an entrepreneur, Aspen dons multiple hats with equal panache and confidence. She enjoys creating spaces for her clients and for herself.

As we celebrate women’s history month, we would like to thank Aspen for the joy and brightness she brings to RoomPlays.

Ashley Berdan

Ashley is an ardent art lover. She is a certified art consultant and has a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Berkeley College, with Magna Cum Laude.

She learned the deep nuances of art through the Modern Art & Ideas course from the Museum of Modern Art.

Ashley works through her design firm AshleyBerdanDesign. She developed her own design persona and unique approach to producing the most functional and aesthetic spaces, with art as the main inspiration.

Ashley’s design style is a fusion of mid-century modern, eclectic, and bohemian styles. RoomPlays clients love her work. On this women’s history month, we would like her to know that we love working with her and enjoy her design styles.


Heather from InteriorSwag loves creating budget-friendly spaces that look straight out of a magazine. Given her love for cost-effective staple pieces, she is known as the budget designer of the south.

We just love how Heather makes interior designing a cake-walk, yet stylish and glamourous.

Adeline Wolff

Adeline of AWolff.Interiors has a bent towards modern and eclectic design styles. Her specialization is Eclectic Luxe style. Over the years, she has worked with different styles ranging from Boho to Modern, Minimal to Wabi Sabi.

Adeline joins the RoomPlays team from Melbourne, Australia. For her e-design is pure love. She loves the fact that it can be enjoyed by all irrespective of location or budget.

On this women’s day, we would like to tell Adeline that we love this spirit of hers.


Lisa is a multi-talented person. A doctor by the day and an interior designer by the evening, Lisa brings life to both her professions.

Joining the RoomPlays team from Birmingham, Michigan, Lisa is a wife and a mother to four beautiful children. She likes bright white interiors and her preferred choice of interior design is rustic glam décor styles.

Lisa is a lifestyle and décor influencer as well. Do check her profile @homeinspirationlulu.

This women’s history month, we would like Lisa to know that she is a constant source of inspiration for us and many others. We are proud of her.

Allison Van Houten

Allison joins the RoomPlays design squad from The USA. Known by the name of threadofgoldhome, Allison enjoys creating spaces that have an opulent appeal and lots of warmth.

She likes to call her design style – Farmhemian – a mix of Farmhouse and Bohemian designs. Allison likes the neutral and cozy elements of farmhouse decor, and the warmth of bohemian touches.

A mother of three gorgeous children, Allison is a doting mother and a passionate interior designer. We are a fan of her design process. This women’s day, we would like to wish the best for all her design projects.


Magdalena is a dreamer. She believes in the power of dreams and knows they are achievable. After creating room decors and over 10000 DIYs, she feels like her hard work is paying off. Her dream of being an interior stylist is becoming a reality and she is happy.

Magdalena hails from San Antonia, Texas, and along with being a successful designer, she is a wife and a mother of four children. her Instagram handle is experimentingwithdecor.

She always says, “If you have a dream, don’t give up.” We like this spirit and on this women’s day, wish her more success and many more projects.

Alexandra Francoise Ford

Alexandra is one more dynamic designer associated with RoomPlays. A french native, Alexandra joins RoomPlays from Boston.

She is an art lover and enjoys painting along with interior design. She likes to experiment with different art forms in textile, like dyeing, weaving, block-printing, sewing.

With formal training in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Alexandra finds inspiration everywhere and in everything. She takes inspiration from decorative arts and nature. Check her recent work.

As we celebrate women’s history month, we wish her more artful projects and interior design renditions.

Mitchelle Moss

Michele (thefunkgypsy) has always had a knack for designing. Even as a child, she used to design spaces. Be it dance, drawing, performing arts, or painting, she has always been fascinated by art and creativity.

Michele is known to be a Jane of all trades. She enjoys working with any design concept. Her journey, in the design stream, started with being an event designer at Michele Moss Events. As she started doing interior design projects, she realized she needed a specialized service for that. And she became a full-time interior stylist as well.

Michele has many followers on social media. Over the years, several of her videos have become viral on Pinterest. Her designs are a hit. We enjoy her work as well.

Her passion for being ‘boujee on a budget’ has made her clientele ecstatic over her talent.


Portia, followed as eDesignsbyP, likes to design spaces that meet style, need, and budget. She enjoys working with a mix of Transitional Interior Design, Farmhouse Style, Modern Minimalist, Mid Century Modern design styles.

Her design services on RoomPlays are extensive and we are proud to have her in our design squad.

Paige Benoit Hayes

Paige joins RoomPlays from Los Angeles, USA. She is a certified interior design from the NYIAD.

Her design style is a fusion of styles. She specializes in mixing old and new elements to create a cozy, curated spaces. Some of her design services on our platform have had the most raging reviews.

We are happy to be associated with Paige and enjoy surfing through her Instagram @caillou_home for design inspirations.

Karyn Heard

Interior designs by Karyn are timeless!

She is an interior designer, a lifestyle influencer, and a design blogger. She likes to mix traditional and modern designs to create timeless styles.

Karyn likes repurposing items. Her mantra is to work under a budget and spruce up décor with what’s available, or else source from cost-effective places.

She is an interior design squad member at RoomPlays and provides local design services in Middlesex County, Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

As we recognize the efforts of iconic women this women’s history month, we would like to applaud Karyn for her efforts, hard work and creativity.

Jenny Plake

Jenny started decorating rooms and styling corners from a very young age. She knew interior designing was her calling.

Jenny grew up in a highly creative family, surrounded by music and art. She studied music and achieved Interior Design Certificate at Fullerton College, CA. Post that, she graduated in Art History from John Cabot University, Rome, Italy.

Jenny has traveled extensively and takes inspiration from places, monuments, history, art, and culture from her expeditions. She currently resides in California.

Jenny is an example of a powerful woman. We are proud to be associated with her. She brings immense learning to our platform, something which our clients appreciate and acknowledge.

Stephanie Harris

Stephanie loves functional home décor. She brings style and panache with her designs to RoomPlays. Modern Traditional design styles are her specialization. Yet, she enjoys creating spaces with different design styles.

She has created designs from Eclectic Luxe to Modern Farmhouse. We love her work. This women’s history month, we wish her luck and love in all her projects. 

Stephanie is an aspiring home stager and calls her Instagram handle stagingbystephanie.

Alice Hill

Homebyaliceh is how Alice Hill likes to be known as. We love it too, Alice!

Alice has a unique style of interior design that includes Modern Minimalist/Neutral, Mid-century, and Bohemian. she loves to incorporate textures, greenery, and work with warm, cozy elements.

RoomPlays clients enjoy how she transforms ordinary rooms into functional and attractive spaces. Kudos to you Alice.

Women’s day celebration

As the world celebrates women on International Women’s Day, we would like to appreciate, applaud, and acknowledge the efforts and contributions put in by every lady reading this.

You are strong, beautiful, and worthy. Be rock-solid always!


Deb from RoomPlays