5 simple small living room ideas that will help you maximize space and beautify your interior decor.

A small living room can be a letdown. We understand this like no one else because a lot of RoomPlays clients come with similar issues of space constraints, seeking interior design ideas to make their small rooms look bigger, better, and brighter.

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any house. It is where everyone gets together, catches up, has meals, long conversations, watches games, and hosts movie nights. It is the pulse of a home. And if this most important room has space issues then doing up interiors and adjusting furniture, artifacts, planters, etc, becomes difficult. A small living room setup needs a lot of calculation, but once done well, gives the room a larger feel.

small living room ideas
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On RoomPlays, our interior designers have given creative solutions to clients who have had to crunch living rooms with workstations for work from home during the pandemic. They have suggested interior designs fitting small living room layouts creating more living areas and maximizing storage capacity. Check real client stories here.

Colors for small living room ideas

Do you also think that only white wall color can give your small living room layout a larger look? This is the most commonly believed ideology that only white or shades of white can make a space look bigger. While white is a great option but it isnt the only choice. You can play with a few colors while considering how to decorate small living room – bold and dark to light and bright everything works.

Choosing paint is a big deal. When finding the best color, you must remember that this is a space that you’ll use in multiple ways – from entertaining guests to relaxing after a long day, you’ll spend plenty of time in your living room. Hence, the choice of your color for small living room ideas needs to be eye-catching yet calming at the same time.


Neutral shades fit in very well in the color scheme of small living room ideas. These are perfect for those who want a continuous color for the entire house. Neutrals are timeless. Some muted soft neutral colors that are worth trying are hazelnut, mint green, golden yellow. 

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small living room ideas
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Darker shades like blues and blacks are also good choices for the daring ones. These shades definitely need to be complimented with warmer shades like yellows and warm whites, but who is stopping from experimenting, right!

small living room ideas
small living room ideas

small living room furniture

Deciding on how to furnish small living room can be tricky. The tight dimensions can definitely be a mood spoiler, but the right layout can create a functional space giving it a larger look. Small living room design needs a bit more planning than bigger room size.

Small living room furniture arrangements should be done around a designated focal point. From TV to an accent piece on the wall, anything can serve as the center of attraction. To create a cozy atmosphere, place the furniture in the center of the room. Light-color furniture or pieces with legs appear lighter than dark or boxy upholstered pieces, so pay attention to the visuals.

Small living room couches can be custom-made as well. That way you will get the perfect fit for your room and not cringe about it occupying much space later on. to get an open, orderly look try placing small living room coffee tables that can double up as storage without taking space. Matching armchairs, poufs, and table lamps kept on either side of the room give an aesthetically pleasing effect. While thinking of small living room ideas, consider using the vertical spaces by hanging ceiling to floor curtains. This gives the room a larger appeal.

small living room ideas
small living room ideas
Small living room modern idea
small living room ideas

In small living rooms, having multifunctional furniture helps create more livable space. For example, a large ottoman doubles as a coffee table and as overflow seating when guests arrive. Instead of keeping big coffee tables, you can even place a matching pair of small side tables in the center. Look up small living room side tables and you will be surprised at the design ideas. Do remember to factor storage into a small living room furniture.

small living room ideas with ceiling lights

A small living room interior design can change with the right lighting. It can enhance the space. The key is to introduce multiple layers in small living room ceiling lights to integrate both ambient, decorative, and task lighting seamlessly. Lighting is a mood changer. It helps amp up the atmosphere of the room.

small living room ideas

Placing mirrors around doubles the lighting effect, especially when working on very small living room ideas.

Chandelier for small living room: It is a great idea to have a chandelier in a small living room. This one piece of lighting fixture adds a lot of drama, light, visual effect to the room making it appear larger than it seems.

small living room ideas

small living room table lamps

We discussed ceiling light options for small living room ideas and now we are going to explore table lamps.

Table lamps are that simple accessory that adds a touch of elegance and a dash of style to your home. These are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and colors ranging from trendy to simple, meeting interior design requirements for a small living room setup.

These are statement pieces that are always trending and you can never go wrong with having one or two table lamps in your living room. These are also a brilliant choice as they can be moved around easily when not in use. On small living room side tables, table lamps look awesome.

Decorative shades are easy to update and great for adding a burst of eye-catching color to a room, without having to change the wall color or furniture.

small living room ideas

TV for Small living room Ideas

Pandemic has made all of us TV buffs. we are either surfing our phones or Netflix’g on the television. TV has become one of the more important functional accessories in any home. Since you’ll spend a lot of time lounging in your living room, choosing the right size of the TV becomes important. Small living room ideas need a TV that will serve its purpose without overwhelming the space. Below are a few points worth considering while deciding a place for your tv.

1. Before you can pick the TV, finalize where you want to position it in the room.

2.If you need to mount the TV on a console table, consider the width of the stand.

3. Determine viewing distance. Ideally, the display should fill 30 degrees of your field of vision.

4. Factor your budget considering your room size. Big TVs are the best is a wrong notion.

Small living room ideas need decent-sized television. bigger TV sets can make the room look smaller and you definitely don’t want that after you have the perfect small living room layout.

small living room ideas

small living room decoration

Now as we have covered walls, furniture, lighting for small living room ideas, we would like to throw some light on decorating the room. For character, we recommend adding pops of colors and splashes of texture with houseplants and wicker furnishings.

Nothing comes closer to decorating a room with plants. Create sectional for small living room with real or faux plants. You can read all about faux indoor plants in our recently published blog post. We had also done a roundup on the colors that are trending in 2021. You can take some inspiration from this post as well for small living room ideas.

small living room ideas
small living room ideas

As we close the post here, one last tip we would like to share with you all is to try and keep one large mirror in your small living room. These floor-to-ceiling mirrors look beautiful and visually expand the size of an area.

small living room ideas