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RoomPlays is the first Global Virtual Interior Design Marketplace, transparently connecting Home Owners with Interior Designers, entirely online!

Unlike Fiverr, Upwork, Thumbtack where you can hire Plumbers, Eclectricians etc, we are the exclusive hub for Virtual Interior Design.


Here’s the process

  • Create Profile


  • Submit 1st Service


  • Price Competitively


  • Make it a Portfolio


  • Review & Publish!


Launch your Brand on RoomPlays

How does RoomPlays work for Independent Designers? RoomPlays is the perfect place to be instantly connected with clients, build lasting relationships, and grow your own business, one project at a time.

See Designer FAQs

1. Create Profile

Complete your Profile. Tell us about your background, location and Payment details.

2. Submit your 1st Service

1 Service per Room. Add Title , Images, Description and Briefly describe what the client can expect.

Base service must always include E-Design + Shopping list. Customize your Service with Add-ons like Paint selection, Unlimited Revisions, Extra Rooms, 3D Renders etc.

3. Pricing Structure

We recommend pricing competitively. Designers offering 3D usually price higher than 2D / Moodboards. Price your Add-ons to ensure you are compensated for effort & skill.

4. Make it a Portfolio

Add more Services (1 per room/category) and Get more visibility by offering a portfolio: Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Nursery, Dining etc. Submit here.


Go ahead and offer Multi-room packages to give Clients more Flexibility. Select the options under “Multi-Room packages” eg: “Any 2 Rooms” or Full House”. See our Designer FAQs to watch a quick HOW TO Video on it!


All submissions are reviewed to ensure profile, descriptions, pricing structure are per our guidelines. We may request a 15-min chat with you if we have questions. That’s it! See your entire portfolio at:

See Examples

Getting Paid

All bookings on RoomPlays begin with a payment from our clients, helping ensure that you get paid for successfully completing your project.

See Designer FAQs

Simplified Payments

Receive your payments at the end of the month for completed projects. Update your PayPal & IRS W9 (or W8-BEN) details to be able to receive payouts.

How Fees Work

Being a Designer-first platform, all Designers are compensated for their full fees for their services.

How Discounts Work

We run promotional discounts for our clients – offering 5% – 30% off with various coupon codes. Don’t worry, that’s on us! You still receive your full payment!

Designer FAQs

Steps to work with a client on RoomPlay:
Login to your Dashboard to view all your Bookings and pen the latest Client Project.
  1. Click "START" button on the Booking page
  2. Collaborate: You can email your client from the platform. It is best to use the "contact me" feature on client's profile instead of communicating through Booking page .
  3. When you're ready to submit the design, shopping list & other requested deliverables, click "DELIVER" button and attach the deliverables (prefer pdf, jpg, zip files)
  4. Please ask the client to login and click "ACCEPT" on the Booking page. They can leave you a Review here.
  5. Payment will be sent after the project is completed.

Our goal is to ensure our Designers’ & clients’ privacy is maintained. For that – we have a “Contact me” feature on each user’s profile.

  • Direct Messaging: If a client wishes to contact you before placing the order, they can use “Contact me” from RoomPlays and you will receive an email notifying you. You can view all your direct DMs in your Messages
  • After Booking: Depending on your & the client’s preference, you can email/call directly, however we recommend initial reach-out and final delivery communication be handled from within the “Order page”. You can send, receive & track all communication related to that Booking from the Order Page.

RoomPlays has a wide variety of designers, each pricing their services based on value they provide. Our designers operate Individually & Independently and hence recommend that you price competitively, but also be true to what is worthy of your time and expertise.

Base Service: The Base service should be within the range and must include at minimum 1 E-Design (and preferably Shopping list of sourced products).

Add-ons: We recommend to customize your listing with Add-ons for anything beyond the Base service such as Paint suggestions, Floor Plan, 3D Rendering, Extra Revisions, Extra Rooms etc

Custom Orders: When a client places a custom order, you can accept, decline or negotiate with a counter offer - you are free to specify your new price here. If the client accepts, they will be redirected to complete the payment and you will receive confirmation once the booking has been placed.

  • All payments are handled securely via PayPal. Update “Payment Method” on your Profile and make sure you've submitted your tax form.
  • We are a Designer-first platform, which means we do not take any commissions from the Designer’s earnings, aside from a 5% payment processing fee.
  • Designers receive payouts at the end of each month, for completed projects.

Custom Orders: When a client places a custom order, you can accept, decline or negotiate with a counter offer - you are free to specify your new price here. If the client accepts, they will be redirected to complete the payment and you will receive confirmation once the booking has been placed.

To watch the video, click Settings HD button on Youtube and set Quality to 1080p)

To watch the video, click Settings HD button on Youtube and set Quality to 1080p)

In order to increase visibility, we recommend a few things :
  1. Complete Portfolio: Firstly to create a complete portfolio so clients see that you offer a range of services for various categories.
  2. Featured Designer List: Next we would consider how you show up under Style Quiz results & Featured Designers (always top of the list). Usually all new designers are Featured, but over time depending on how you are able to attract clients, we keep that list updated.
  3. Podcast & Instagram Shoutouts: Lastly of course, we do Podcasts & guest blogs and more.. so absolutely happy to invite you to a 1-1 when we feel we are seeing positive response to your portfolio!

We  encourage you to use the tools and software you are most comfortable with.

Every Designer has their own Dashboard. Once you login, click on your Profile icon (top right) and select Dashboard. You can track and manage all your client projects, earnings, communication and Design services from here

Most Designers include a comprehensive Shopping list with links (aligning with client’s budget needs and preferred stores). The client takes responsibility for shopping & setup.

However, if you would like to offer in-person installation for local clients, you can add it as an add-on to your services.

We understand sometimes it can take longer than expected to turnaround an order. We recommend you inform the client well in advance about the timeline and set expectations accordingly. RoomPlays will not limit communication in any way.

There are several categories you can submit for. If you have an additional category, it can be added to the “Everything Else” bucket. Use “Tags” to make your design searchable. You are free to charge the services the way you feel best describes value. We recommend you price competitively, but also be respectful of your time and effort.

Clients coming to RoomPlays need to make the payment at the time of Booking. The platform only delivers a client booking to you if they have paid in full for the services they are requesting.

Clients may occasionally message you to vet your services before booking.

You can login to your Dashboard and pause any or all of your Designer Services with 1 click! When you’re ready, simply resume them.

We do not yet offer Affiliate links through RoomPlays but will be shortly. Until then, you can use your own Affiliate Links. Based on your client’s preference of stores, create your shopping list with rewardStyle, Rakuten or other Affiliate links to Amazon, Target, CB2, Pottery Barn, Walmart, West Elm, Houzz, Wayfair etc to earn direct commissions. However, the client is not bound to shop through your links

  • When we choose to promote a designer, in addition to the images they have already submitted to the RoomPlays website, we may occasionally use publicly available images from their social media channels such as instagram to redirect traffic to their RoomPlays services.
  • When we choose to promote a designer, we may invite them to a Podcast or Instagram Live session. We use footage from the session along with any other visuals shared with us to create promotional content for RoomPlays and redirecting traffic to that designer’s services on RoomPlays.

About RoomPlays.

RoomPlays is an Interior Design Marketplace built to connect Home Owners & renters with Independent Interior Designers, primarily Women-led Small Businesses, across the world.

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Did you Know?

We exclusively Empower Small Businesses

RoomPlays is built to empower Women-led Small Businesses. We are run by a Woman of Color. Every Designer on RoomPlays is either as an Independent Designer and/or Design Influencers.

Our mission is to Democratize Interior Design by creating a Fair an Transparent marketplace. Our promise is to Enable the Designer and Empower their Business.