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WHO YOU ARE: You LOVE to Work 1-1 with clients across the world to Design their Homes virtually!

As their dedicated Interior Designer, you listen, collaborate and recommend the ideal look for their space, in their budget and their lifestyle

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Pricing Structure

Base Service1 E-Design + Shopping list in 1 week (< $100)

Add-on: Bundle additional services (eg: Full Service, Floor Plan, Wallpaper, Paint, 3D Modeling)


Example: Mood Board (Thread of Gold)

RECOMMENDATION 1 – Designers offering 2D Mood Boards, price closer to $50. Not intended for Full-Service. Feel free to talk to us to learn more.

Example: 3D Modeling (Creating Homebase)

RECOMMENDATION 2 – Designers offering 3D Modeling, price close to $100. Offer as a Base service or as an Add-on.

Scroll down for Designer FAQs on Deliverables & Engagement Model

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Booked your first client! Now What?

All payments are handled securely via PayPal.


  • How does the pricing work? I see you list a range. Does that mean I can select my fee but it must be in that range? Or do you decide the fee and if so, what’s that based on? 
    • Pricing: We have a variety of designers, each pricing their services based on value they provide. Our designers operate Individually & Independently and hence recommend that you price competitively, but also be true to what is worthy of your time and expertise.  The Base service should be within the range.
      • RECOMMENDATION 1 – Designers offering 2D Mood Boards – price closer to $50. Not intended for Full-Service. Speak to us if you have questions.
      • RECOMMENDATION 2 – Designers offering 3D Renders, price close to $100. Offer as a Base service or as an Add-on.
    • Platform Fees: We are a Designer-first platform, which means we do not take any commissions from the Designer’s earnings. We charge a platform fee to the client for offering 24×7 support and running our platform, which is collected at the time of booking. So there is no charge to Designers.
  • How do designers get paid for their work?  What % of the Designer’s fee to the client does the designer receive?
    • All payments are handled securely via PayPal. Update “Payment Method” on your Profile and submit W-9 form.
    • Clients are charged a % Platform fee when they place a booking on RoomPlays. The total amount (Designer’s charge + Platform fee) is held in RoomPlays until the project is completed and approved by the client. After a project is completed and approved by client, the Designer’s earnings are disbursed within 1 month.
    • Client is guaranteed 100% satisfaction or money back. Until the client “Approves” your Design. After the order is complete, Designer’s fees are disbursed. Thus, we recommend Designers collaborate closely with the client to ensure satisfaction.
  • What kinds of deliverables are expected? Do I need a particular software in order to complete the required deliverables?
    • Services you can offer: 
    • The Base service would typically include 1 E-Design + 1 Shopping list. This usually means more of an Interior Styling type project – we recommend you price this competitively. We expect Consultation to be covered as part of the Base service. We provide you the Dashboard & toolkit to track, book, communicate and handle payments for multiple clients entirely through the platform.
    • Full Service:  For Full service such as Space Planning, Paint colors etc. we recommend that you offer them as “Add ons” to offer as a Bundle. Use “Tags” to make your design searchable.
    • Deliverables: All deliverables (E-design vision board + Shopping list) are to be delivered from the “Order page”.
  • Do I need a particular software in order to complete the required deliverables?
    • We are a platform for Independent Designers. Meaning, we invite and welcome Designers to bring their originality and authenticity to the art. We only recommend some simple tools for new/upcoming Stylists, but for experienced Designers, we encourage you to use the tools and software you are most comfortable with. We only ask that the images in your Carousel and final Deliverables render well in Landscape mode on Mobile & Desktop – our data shows 75% of our audience uses Mobile.
  • How do I track various Clients and Bookings?
    • Every Designer has their own Dashboard. Once you login, click on your Profile icon (top right) and select Dashboard. You can track and manage all your client projects, earnings, communication and Design services from here
  • How would I communicate with the client? Is it all through your portal or is there communication via email/phone?
    • Our goal is to ensure our Designers’ & clients’ privacy is maintained. For that – we have a “Contact me” feature on each user’s profile.
    • Before Booking: IF a client wishes to contact you before placing the order, they can use “Contact me” from RoomPlays and you will receive an email notifying you.
    • After Booking: Depending on client’s preference, you can email directly with each other, however we recommend initial reach-out and final delivery communication be handled from within the “Order page”. You can send, receive & track all communication related to that Booking from the Order Page.

  • Do I need to manage client purchases or any of the logistical side of things? If so, what?
    • No. We operate purely online. Designers are expected to deliver a comprehensive Shopping list (aligning with client’s budget needs and preferred stores). The client takes responsibility for shopping & setup.

  • After the week is up can the client still message me or is the project over? What if the project can’t be completed in a week? 
    • Once you receive the booking, you can reach out to the client from the Order Page to request information (with the Style questionnaire) and ask the client to upload pictures.
    • You will hit “START” on the order page to notify us and the client that you are starting to work on the project.
    • The timer begins when you hit Start
    • Once the project is complete, you hit “DELIVER” to upload the final E-Design + Shopping list – this sends a request to the client to “APPROVE”. Preferably complete this within 1 week.
    • The client can still contact you via the “Order page” or “Contact me”

  • Are there any rooms you don’t offer services for right now or is everything covered? Does the fee change based on room/project scope?
    • You are free to charge the services the way you feel best describes value. We recommend you price competitively, but also be respectful of your time and effort.
    • There are several categories you can submit for. If you have an additional category, it can be added to the “Everything Else” bucket. Use “Tags” to make your design searchable

  • Will I be able to vet clients or do I just take them as they come?
    • Clients coming to RoomPlays need to make the payment at the time of Booking. The platform only delivers a client to you if they have paid in full for the services they are requesting.

  • What if I want to take a break?
    • You can login to your Dashboard and pause any or all of your Designer Services with 1 click! When you’re ready, simply resume them.

  • Can I earn a commission through Affiliate Links?
    • We do not yet offer Affiliate links through RoomPlays but will be shortly. Until then, you can use your own Affiliate Links. Based on your client’s preference of stores, create your shopping list with rewardStyle, Rakuten or other Affiliate links to Amazon, Target, CB2, Pottery Barn, Walmart, West Elm, Houzz, Wayfair etc to earn direct commissions. However, the client is not bound to shop through your links.
  • Will RoomPlays be promoting me through Social Media?
    • When we choose to promote a designer, in addition to the images they have already submitted to the RoomPlays website, we may occasionally use publicly available images from their social media channels such as instagram to redirect traffic to their RoomPlays services.
    • When we choose to promote a designer, we may invite them to a Podcast or Instagram Live session. We use footage from the session along with any other visuals shared with us to create promotional content for RoomPlays and redirecting traffic to that designer’s services on RoomPlays.