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RoomPlays is the first Global Interior Design Platform, for you to discover and work with Interior Designers in your Style & Budget, anywhere in the world!
Entirely online.

Here’s the Plan

  • Take Style Quiz


  • Browse Top Designers


  • Book Favorite Designer


  • Collaborate on Vision


  • Get E-Design & Shop!


What is E-Design?

Just what you’re thinking – Interior Design services offered online!  Hiring Traditional Interior Designers can cost $2000 – $7000. With E-Design, clients can get professional Interior Designers to expertly Design their space, with clear guidance on where to shop the Products & how set it up on their own. E-Design is an affordable approach to creating fabulous spaces!

Let’s Get


RoomPlays is a Global Interior Design platform, curating some of the most talented Designers across the world, offering bespoke interior design services, completely online!

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1. Start Your Project

Start with our Style Quiz. Tell us your Vision, Needs, Styles, Budget – and we’ll match you with our Top Designers!

2. Book your Favorite

Go ahead and Book a Personalized Room Design Service or Multi-Room Package with your Favorite Designer! Don’t forget to pick Add-Ons such as Paint, Wallpaper, Floor plan or Extra Revisions from the Designers package. You can find all your Bookings in your Dashboard!


If you have specific requirements that aren’t available through the ala-cart menu, no worries! Request a custom order and you & Designer can work out a solution that works for you! Read more about Custom Orders in our FAQ section.

3. (optional) Explore on your Own

Don’t like your Options? You can Browse Designer’s portfolios and choose your favorite. You can even Contact Designer directly to chat with them before making a decision!

4. That’s it! Share Vision with Designer

Collaborate 1:1 with Designer via RoomPlays. Discuss your vision, needs, likes, dislikes – everything! Communicate freely and frequently to ensure you get the Best results!

5. Get Personalized E-Design & more

When the Designer is ready with your Personalized E-Design, you can Login to Download the final Deliverables (E-Design, Shopping list & other Add-ons) you booked. Shop at your own pace.

Please don’t forget to leave our Designers a glowing review! Small Businesses are as successful as the support you show them!

FAQs: Don’t forget to checkout our FAQs if you have questions.

Real Client Projects

We exclusively Empower Small Businesses

Unlike large Design houses, every designer on RoomPlays represents a Women-led Interior Design & Home Decorating Small Businesses. With small businesses comes Attention to Detail and a Higher Quality of Service.

See some of the most glorious transformations completed by our Top Designers under $100 !

Support Small


We exclusively Empower Small Businesses

RoomPlays is built to empower Women-led Small Businesses. We are run by a Woman of Color. Every Designer on RoomPlays is either as an Independent Designer and/or Design Influencers.

Watch this short video by our Founder & CEO Deb Dutta about how RoomPlays is empowering the Creator Economy, enabling Independent Women-led Small Business Interior Designers & Design Influencers across the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our Designers offer Personalized E-Design (Virtual Interior Design) services. The Base price on their listing is the Flat Fee they charge to provide you with a Personalized E-Design of your space, either in 2D or 3D, tailored to your preferences. This usually includes a Shopping List of the main set of products included in the Design. The designer does their best to fit your budget, use products from your favorite stores.

For more curated services such as Paint, Wall paper, Floor Plan etc, you can book their Add-Ons or request a completely Custom Order. You can also message the designer through their profile if you have any questions before booking.

E-Design is Interior Design services offered online!  Hiring Traditional Interior Designers can cost $2000 – $7000 - because usually professionally sourcing and installing furniture can be pretty expensive.

With E-Design, clients can get professional Interior Designers to expertly Design their space, with clear guidance on where to shop the Products & recreate that exact design in your own home, on their own. E-Design is an affordable approach to creating fabulous spaces!

To get an idea, here are Before-After E-Design Projects by RoomPlays Designers:

RoomPlays is an open and transparent platform bringing talented interior designers from all over the world. Unlike Havenly, Modsy, Spacejoy etc - all our Designers are independent freelance interior designers or successful interior design small businesses.

When you book a Designer through RoomPlays - you are hiring your own personal interior designer, but without the hassle of researching their work, prices, reviews and services.

  • Massive Range of Services: With RoomPlays, you have the largest variety of services for your specific Home Needs - from E-Designing any Room to unique requests like choosing Paint colors, Kitchen Design, Video Consultations, Patio & Backyard, Entryway ... you name it! Explore All Packages
  • Global Interior Styles: Also, we hail designers from many different countries, so you can choose an Art-Deco or Moroccan theme - to traditional American Farmhouse, we have the full range
  • Price Ranges: From $50 - $1200, you can choose the type of service and tier of Designers to help design your dream space!
  • Contact, Vet & Book your Favorite: You can review Designers' Bio, Reviews, Prices, Portfolio, Background and more. You can contact them to learn more about their services. Book whoever you feel best resonates with your style & needs!
  • No Product Limitations: Don't worry about limited options for sourcing your products, since we're not affiliated with any stores. Just let your Designer know what your favorite stores are and ask them to source products from your favorite stores, in your budget!

Once you place the booking, you can begin Collaborating 1:1 with your Designer via messages/calls - which ever method you and the designer prefer. Discuss your Vision, share pictures, measurements of your space, any existing Pinterest boards that reflect your style, specific lifestyle needs (such as living with kids, pets, aging parents, preference for sustainable materials) etc.

Share your budget and favorite online stores, so the designer has a better idea about your preferences. The Designer will take into consideration all your requirements and provide you with a Personalized E-Design of your space ( in 2D or 3D, depending on the Design service booked). This is usually accompanied with an online shopping list (with links) to the main products used in the design.  If you booked any add-ons, those will be delivered as well.

All these will typically be delivered to you via the booking page - where you can download the deliverables. Armed with the design & shopping list, you can shop at your own pace and recreate the exact Design in your home!

Yes. After you get the Design & Shopping list from Designer, you can slowly buy the products (even wait for Sales) and Enjoy the process of putting your Dream space together, at your own pace!

Affordable - Typically hiring an interior designer to come personally and install the products can be very expensive ($2000 - $7000).

No Hidden costs - no need to verify receipts. Designers usually don't share this information due to confidentiality agreements with vendors.

Absolutely! The easiest way is to click "Start My Project" - which starts with a quick Style Quiz, gathers your requirements and matches you with our Best Designers!

Click on your Profile icon (top right) and go to your Orders. You can find all your latest and past projects here.

In case you don't see it, it means that our system is still processing the payment. You can email us if this takes over 24 hours, but it usually never happens.

You can also access your Dashboard, Invoice and other details from the same menu.

Custom Orders: IF you'd like to request a Designer to tailor a Design service based on your specific needs - such as a Living Room Design with Open Concept with Kitchen Island and Breakfast Nook, you can place a custom order.

Description: Specify what you are requesting

Budget (USD): Propose how much you are willing to pay

Time of Delivery (in days): How quickly you need it (7 days or 10 days?)

You may receive a counter offer from the Designer.

Simply click on the New Offer to accept and checkout. You will be redirected to complete the payment and will receive confirmation once the booking has been placed.

To watch the video, click Settings HD button on Youtube and set Quality to 1080p)


No. RoomPlays is a marketplace with Designers offering  a variety of services at various pricepoints. Some Designers offer a full E-Design + unlimited Revisions + Shopping list within $50, whole some others will offer 3D Renderings along with 1 Revision + Shopping List for $100. Please review the Designers listing and feel free to contact them before booking.

Yes! You can vet your designer by contacting them through their Profile. Pick your favorite and place your booking with confidence

YES! We recently launched the Multi-Room package, and you can browse Designer's multiple-room packages by selecting the "Multi-Room Package" category.

You can select "Any 2 Rooms" or "Any 3 Rooms" etc and choose your favorite. Again, please contact Designer directly to confirm any questions you have before booking.

Not all Designers offer 3D renderings, but will definitely offer the Concept boards which will be more affordable and are helpful if you don't need a photo-realistic view of your exact space. Designers who Offer 3D indicate that in their profiles and Service names.

Most Designers will specify if they charge additionally for extra revisions. However, it is always a good idea to check with Designer before placing your booking.

About RoomPlays.

RoomPlays is an Interior Design Marketplace built to connect Home Owners & renters with Independent Interior Designers, primarily Women-led Small Businesses, across the world.

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