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In a Full Design Bedroom package, I will get to know you on a deeper level and use what you love as inspiration to create a vibe board, final design board, shopping list, space plan, and installation instructions. All I need from you is a completed measurement guide, insight questions, and design study to begin!

My “Design Style” is your Design Aesthetic. At Catherine Rose Design I believe that human beings cannot be forced into “Design Style” boxes. People are unique individuals deserving to create their homes (or life) from the inside out, not the outside in! Let me show you what it’s like to create your environment from your big picture down (instead of all of the tiny details up!).

You should know that working with me is a deep dive into your OWN design psyche. Catherine Rose Design balances authentic interior design with intuitive insight to help clients connect to their deeper selves by empowering their own self-expression through intentional creation. Creating space for them to follow their desires and depth of feeling, into a new environment that supports them, mind, body, & soul.

A Full Design Package could be a perfect fit for you if these statements resonate with you…

• “I’m someone who has a space that I want to reflect my vibe but I do not know how or where to begin.
• “I need an entire space done, I may have just moved, or need a major refresh of my environment!”
• “I want to be able to share how I want my space to feel, but I want a professional to make it all work together for me!”
• “I would like to be supported and guided holistically every step of the way through a full design of my space.”

• $750 per Room •

What does a Booking include?

You are hiring this Interior Designer to Expertly Design YOUR Space, in your Budget and Style, entirely online. Above are samples of their work.

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    Hi Darling, I'm Catherine Rose. A Holistic Designer of interiors and an Intuitive Empath with a BFA in Interior Design and over a decade of diverse design experience. But in order for anything beautiful to occur in this space at all, I need your creativity. My only inspiration is what...
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