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Comprehensive eDesign Service

This service provides personalized guidance for someone who wants to invest in their home and make it a place that they enjoy and are excited about.  After our initial consultation and learning about your style, I create a personalized 3D image based on your room measurements and features. I select furniture and accessories that fit into a cohesive style for your room. I will take into account how you use your space functionally. Do you have kids, pets, need a work-from-home space, etc? I can incorporate existing furniture, and your special pieces into the design.   As you are setting up your furniture and styling your space, I will be available for 3 months to provide advice and help you along the way with any questions you have.   1 room, includes:

1. Major Furnishings + Room Layout:   – Initial consultation  – Your room in 3D photorealistic images with free revisions – 720 degree tour of space – Space planning: Customized room design plan and layout of furniture   – Room design tailored to your style and functional needs  – Shopping list with links  – Instructions for setup

2. Accessories + Styling:  -Selection of accessories for bookshelves, styling coffee tables, dining/kitchen table, desk, console/entryway tables  – Shopping list with links  – Instructions for setup

3. Guaranteed:  – Direct communication with me, the designer  – FULL support and guidance for 3 months. As you put your room together, I will be available to provide advice and answer any questions along the way. These questions may pertain to styling, placement, comparing furniture, alternative pieces, etc.

What does a Booking include?

You are hiring this Interior Designer to Expertly Design YOUR Space, in your Budget and Style, entirely online. Above are samples of their work.

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Monica refreshed a room of antiques with quiet, soft details which transformed a bedroom. I was stymied on how to bring beautiful old furniture into the 21st century. Monica is bright, creative and so easy to work with.

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  • Bio Owner and designer Monica brings unique and diverse skills to interior design. She is originally from California and draws inspiration from all the places that she has lived— Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Lexington, KY, and Houston, TX. Monica has loved helping clients create beautiful rooms...
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