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Having trouble visualizing the perfect layout for your home or struggling to pick out the best paint colours for your space? I can help you create your space of comfort, safety and self-expression! I will be happy to help you select the perfect colour combinations paired well with furniture and accessories to make sure your home represents you. 

My Bachelor Degree in Interior Design, years of colour consultation experience and eye for detail helped me gain the understanding of how important colour, our environment and personal space is to our well-being. My design styles range from mid-century modern, minimalistic design, Scandinavian design and modern farmhouse design – I love exploring various types of design styles and I am open to any style that may reflect your interests in creating a space that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. 

Schedule your colour and design consultation with me where we can video chat to discuss transforming your space and environment to positively impact your mood and well-being based on your wants and needs!

What’s included in the package –

• Virtual meet and video chat to discuss styles, designs, ideas and to get an overall sense of inspiration for your wants and needs 

• (1) Room colour selections with as many colours requested – paint quality ranges based on budget

• Furniture, decor and accessories shopping list from well known brands based on budget

• (1) Mood board with colour scheme, flooring, furniture and accessories and decor

* Colour schemes and palettes are personalized based on the wants and needs for your home as discussed in our virtual meeting. 

What does a Booking include?

You are hiring this Interior Designer to Expertly Design YOUR Space, in your Budget and Style, entirely online. Above are samples of their work.

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