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Are you stuck trying to figure out what you want out of your space or home? Do you find yourself purchasing paint can after paint can, all to not be utterly in love with your space in the end? Do colours look and seem amazing in store and look nothing like you anticipated once you apply at home? I can help you! We can meet on video chat and discuss what you want out of your space and I can generate gorgeous colour combinations that are sure to help make you feel happy and at home! 

Colours play a HUGE role in our life whether we notice or not. With my education in Colour Theory, Colour Therapy, and Biophilic Design, I know how important these factors are and I have made it my goal to improve your health and wellness journey by taking the first step in transforming your environment to transform your mood and balance your body’s energy centers! WHAT!? Colour can do that? YES, IT CAN!

I specialize in biophilic, boho, modern industrial, and neutralism, but I am very open to eclectic, vibrant, and exploring all kinds of design ideas to meet your wants and needs and create a space you can enjoy and love! We can discuss all sorts of options and come up with a result that will suit you and your

Package includes:

– online video consult to discuss your personality, wants, needs, and style to find your perfect palette and tones

– colour selections based on budget (low, medium, high) for 1 room (packages for multi-rooms can be discussed if wanted)

– a colour palette with minimum 4 colours (per room) to help with overall room colour scheme for walls, accessories, flooring, etc…

– shopping list (brands; from economy to luxe depending on your budget)

– mood board to get you excited and inspired!

Every consult is personalized and specially made to order after our meeting! 
Options for pre-made schemes are available at a cut-rate for quick and easy solution, but are still carefully chosen from my library to suit your wants and needs, and your home!

What does a Booking include?

You are hiring this Interior Designer to Expertly Design YOUR Space, in your Budget and Style, entirely online. Above are samples of their work.

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    Hi, I'm Katie! I'm an interior decorator from North of Toronto, Canada. I am a 2022 grad from Georgian College for Interior Decorating, with a minor in Ethnobotany. I specialize in biophilic design concepts, and bridging the gap between humans and nature through design and décor! I love to change...
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