Patio design by Cara newhart



  • Sourcing / Shopping list — a list + links for furniture & decor pieces included in this design so you can purchase them for your space
  • Space review — once pieces are purchased installed, I’ll review a photo of your space and provide an email response with 5-9 specific tips & tweaks to help you perfect the finished design in your unique space


  • Floor Plan Layout — provide the dimensions and a photo of your patio and I’ll provide a floor plan for how to arrange the pieces in your space
  • 30 min design consultation — customize the design plan to your space via a 30 minute zoom design consultation either before you purchase the pieces to guide you as you plan or after you purchase to help you arrange / install the elements into your unique space

Appointments are confirmed after payment is completed.

What does a Booking include?

You are hiring this Interior Designer to Expertly Design YOUR Space, in your Budget and Style, entirely online. Above are samples of their work.

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    I’m Cara — a designer and diy queen on a mission to empower everyday women to create homes they’re obsessed with. My design packages give you a base of essential pieces you can use as a polished foundation to create spaces that feel like you and serve your everyday life....
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