RoomPlays interior designer Ashley Berdan does unique home styling virtually

When Shreya connected with RoomPlays, she only knew that she wanted a massive change in her home styling. She was confused and unhappy with the way her living room had turned out to be during the pandemic.

Before After Pictures of The Interior Design Project on RoomPlays

While looking for interior design inspirations, Shreya met RoomPlays Founder & CEO – Deboshree Dutta.

Deb, as she is famously known, is an inspiring and enterprising entrepreneur, technologist, home & lifestyle influencer. She has a global fan following of over 150,000 on social media platform. Many have been benefitted by the DIY tips and tricks she shares on her blog.

Online Home Styling Platform RoomPlays

Home Styling
Deboshree Dutta, Founder & CEO, RoomPlays

Deb launched RoomPlays to democratize the interior design industry. Women-led small businesses, independent and budding designers get to connect with a global clientele on the virtual platform. She wishes to make interior design an affordable and approachable service for all.

RoomPlays enables home styling in budget

Through the online interior design service, she wants to make interior design on a budget a trend.

As she worked towards building the platform, designers from various parts of the US, Australia, and Brazil collaborated with her. Ashley Berdan joins the team from New Jersey. She has been creating impressive e-designs for clients on the online interior design platform.

Meet the designer

Ashley Berdan of Ashley Berdan Design, or ABD, is a passionate art and interior design enthusiast. Her home styling niche is a fusion of mid-century modern style with eclectic, bohemian design styles.

Home styling
RoomPlays Designer Ashley Berdan

She has a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Berkeley College and graduated with Magna Cum Laude. Ashley is also an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Before starting her own design firm, she worked with design firms in New Jersey, USA.

Ashley has a deep love for art. She takes inspiration from all sorts of art for her home stylings. She is also a certified art consultant in Modern Art & Ideas from the Museum of Modern Art. On her website, Ashley Berdan Design, she even offers an Art Haus Package helping clients chose art for their home.

On RoomPlays, Ashley offers a host of online interior design services starting at $50. Her current project with RoomPlays client Shreya included redoing their living room in a mid-century modern home style.

What did the client want?

RoomPlays client Shreya and her husband live in an apartment. They spend most of their time in the living room. Before lockdown, they had a systematized, clean, clear interior decor which soon became messy due to working from home 24×7.

Their living room is a multi-purpose area. Shreya works from home, they spend their free time watching tv, and they even use it as a dining area. Too much happening in one small room!

Home Styling

Shreya came to RoomPlays with an idea that she wanted her room to have the mid-century modern home styling effect.

Mid-century modern home styling

Mid-Century Modern home styling is all about simplicity and functionality. It is a mix of classic, understated look, and clean lines. Minimal ornamentation, a contrast of traditional and non-traditional materials with uncluttered and sleek lines are some features of this style.

Project challenges

Shreya and her husband were sure that they did not want to spend much redoing this space. They plan to invest in a home in the future. Hence, while doing the interior design for her living room she wanted to make do with what she had and invest only in a few things.

The most important item that they wanted to refresh was the sofa. The constraint here was that they did not want an expensive one that may not be the right fit for their next house.

RoomPlays client Shreya’s living room before the makeover

Ashley knew that in smaller apartments the sofa serves multiple purposes. It is used for watching TV, snacking, working, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying with family. The task up her sleeve was to ensure that the sofa met all these without taking up too much space.

Interior design 3D rendition

Ashley likes working on challenging design renditions. Her home styling is also a mix of mid-century modern and boho styles. The client’s and hers design inspirations were the same which made her happy.

As a solution to the design element, Ashley suggested placing an L-shaped sectional in the living room. She also thought of a sofa table backed up to an exposed sofa back to make a dining area.

Ashley suggested a narrow, counter-height table with stools, anchored to the back of the L sectional sofa. This would become a perfect spot for the couple to watch tv and entertain guests on the sofa.

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Since Shreya and her husband were also looking for color and storage solutions, Ashley suggested some cool ideas to enhance their home style.

The Shopping List


Ashley suggested L- shaped sofas from Amazon that were cost-effective and space agnostic. She gave them options in blue and grey sectional sofas.

Ashley liked the grey color better. She believed that Shreya will get the flexibility to change color schemes in the living room in the future.

Grey 4 Piece Sectional Sofa from Amazon
Blue sectional sofa from Amazon

Ladder Desk and Bookshelf

The client wanted dedicated work stations.

They also needed storage solutions to keep their personal collection of artefacts, husband’s prized speakers, and lots of plants. Taking linear interior design inspiration, Ashley suggested the West Elm’s Ladder line including the ladder shelf desk and ladder bookshelf.

Ladder Bookshelf from West Elm

Console Table

For storage Ashley suggested a storage console.

This console table reflects the mid-century vibes of the ladders with fun fluted detail on the sideboard’s doors.

Dining Table & Counter Height Chairs

Ashley wanted to add a sleek dining area to her home styling. She included a sofa table backed up to an exposed sofa back. Complimenting the table, she included counter height chairs in aqua blue color. This was to amp up the interior design of the living room with color.

As a interior design rendition, Ashley added this counter table to offer a contemporary dining experience. It’s sizable tabletop makes it ideal as a desk or craft table. It is also a great choice for entertaining guests.

Home Styling
Counter Height Dining Table
Counter Height Chairs

Coffee Table

Ashley wanted to add some drama to the home styling. Keeping that idea in mind, she recommended placing this coffee table with a faux marble top in gold accent.

Modern Round Faux Marble Top Coffee from Amazon

Lamps, Pillows and Mirrors

Ashley decided to keep existing pieces from Shreya’s collection. She had a brass bookcase, desk chair, and lots of plants.

Ashley added pops of color in the living room through pink accent chair, artwork, pillows, and mirrors.

There were oversized and smaller throw pillows to bring in the comfort angle in the living room. Lamp to be kept on the ladder. Metal framed mirrors to make the room look larger and felt artwork for the love of art.

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Client review

RoomPlays designer Ashley Berdan helped Shreya with a sophisticated interior design rendition for her living room. Shreya loved the design rendition and gave five stars in her review.

Shreya wrote, “Ashley was great to work with – She practically read my mind and came up with a lovely design! I was struggling with packing too much into my tiny living room and needed help with maximizing my space without breaking the bank. She worked with some of my existing furniture, sourced some great additions and replacements, while staying well within my budget. The 3D rendering helped everything come alive – I recommend trying this out!”

If you need to give your home or office a makeover, connect with the RoomPlays design squad. Fill in the interior design quiz and get started.