roomplays designer emily bullister created functional, minimalist interior design for apartment based in san fransisco. here is a quick peek-in into the transformation.



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San Francisco, USA



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Living Room in Rental Space



Saloni was looking for options in interior design for apartments. She had just moved from the East Coast to San Fransisco and wanted to make her rented apartment a functional home. And, while searching for options online she came across RoomPlays where she met with Emily Bullister.

client brief

As Saloni was living in a rented apartment and already had furniture with her, she wanted a designer to give her interior design ideas for her apartment. She wanted to create an easy to access, functional home with a dedicated space for everything. From dining to entertaining guests to watching TV to attending office – Saloni was clear in her mind that that is how her home has to look like. Neat, minimalist home with mid-century accents.

meet the designer

Emily Bullister of Creating Homebase is an integral part of the RoomPlays design squad. Over the years, she has done numerous projects for clients from across the globe and delivered each to perfection, virtually.

She is an easy to go, easy to design person. Emily loves how E-design puts the customer in charge of what they want to do in the room and on their time! She stays connected with her clients till they finish doing their home and close the project with satisfaction.

Interior design for apartments

Emily is a professional interior designer. She has a degree in interior design and has been in the business since 2014.

Emily works out of her own creative platform called Creating Homebase. Over the years, she has done some outstanding projects with big and small designers including independent projects.

Emily is a hands-on mother of two beautiful children. She totally enjoys shopping for kids. As a full-time e-designer, Emily enjoys thrift shopping, especially furniture. And, she loves her coffee. Starbucks is her favorite go-to place for her daily coffee fix.

On RoomPlays, Emily offers design packages that start from as low as $150. From interior design for apartments to individual room styles, Emily does it all with equal finesse and passion.

executing the client brief

Interior design for apartments can be tricky, especially if it’s a rented place. The designer usually does not have much liberty to change or break too many pieces/walls in the house.

Let’s see how did Emily transform Saloni’s home?

Before Picture
Interior design for apartments
Before Picture

Looking at these before pictures it’s clear that an expert intervention was much needed. Interior design for apartments is best to be done by a qualified, professional designer like Emily from RoomPlays.

The mood board for interior design

Emily had the challenge of creating designated areas in this rented apartment. She had to use the furniture her client already had. Therefore, she created a mood board keeping in mind her clients’ requirements. Her mood board for interior design for apartments in this San Fransisco home had to reflect mid-century accents with minimalism. Emily delivered exactly that.

Interior design for apartments
Interior design for apartments

the transformation

Interior design for apartments: The living space decor
Interior Design for Apartments: The Eating Space
Interior design for apartments
Interior Design for Apartments: The Sofa
Interior Design for Apartments: The workstation
Interior design for apartments
Interior Design for Apartments: Entertaining Guests Space

Emily included every request made by Saloni to give her rented apartment a neat, fresh, minimalist look with a glamourous brass accent. Initially, Saloni wanted to rent furniture and had asked for suggestions. As a professional designer, Emily gave her client two options – 1. Furniture on rent to do interior design for apartments. 2. Furniture that they can buy to complete the interior design for apartments.

the shopping list

Emily, a true professional, created a comprehensive shopping list for Saloni.


Interior design for apartments
Sleeper Sofa to buy option

Interior design for apartments
Sofa to rent option

rugs for the floor

Interior design for apartments
Rug for renting
Rug for buying

accent chairs

Interior design for apartments: accent pieces

Pouffe in Neutral Shade
Floor Lamp
Wall Art Over Sofa

Saloni was impressed with Emily’s recommendations. she ended up buying everything and gave her rented apartment a minimalist+glamorous brass accent +mid century accent look. She did not change anything from the design suggestions.

Designer’s comments on the project

“Saloni was a joy to work with! Multi-functional spaces are always so fun to work with as they can be a challenge. I’m so glad I was able to deliver a design that hit all the functional needs that my client needed while still delivering the modern minimalist look she was after!”

About roomplays

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She is also a famous blogger and a DIY evangelist who loves to DIY everything. Check her page for lots of DIY fun ideas in interior designing.