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Designing Room Styles can be tricky. Especially if you are someone who loves bright colors and bolder things in your room. Creating the right interior design style can become challenging. Similar was our client Symone’s story.

Stuck in the COVID situation with online work schedules and calls, Symone – an entrepreneur and a mother, wanted a new Room Style for her living room. She wanted her space to have the luxe look and feel, exactly like Venetian hotel rooms.

Symone was eager to give her living room a fresh and new style. For the same, she reached out to multiple independent interior designers. Some quoted high prices, some shared ideas which she did not like, or there were approachability issues. Nothing clicked.

Eventually, she connected with the founder of the Online Interior Design firm –RoomPlays for help.

Meeting the designer

Collaborating with Erin of Erin Davis Designs for interior design styles: Erin loves designing family-friendly homes. She enjoys working around homes and spaces which are messy, busy, full of family drama, and lots of love. She has an eclectic design style. Loves to mix and match old with new, play with layers of texture, and work with colors. White homes and spaces do not usually excite her.

With Symone, Erin started with understanding her vision and interior design inspiration. As a practice, Erin asks a lot of questions to understand her clients, background, shopping preferences, budget, likes and dislikes. She followed the same protocol here.

Symone’s love for peel and stick wallpapers for creating a designer room style and fascination for Venetian hotel rooms inspired her. She decided to use her eclectic design style to spin the interiors of Symone’s living room.

Erin took inspiration from layered, luxe-feeling spaces and decided to play with colors to make the interior design pop.

Before & After Story

She came to us with a blank wall and a strong intent to add a transitional design to her living room. Symone had recently invested in a red rounded sofa and a white TV stand. And, wanted the sofa to be the focus in the new room style. But, not so much as well!

This is what Symone’s room style was when she approached RoomPlays

As a client, she wanted to create a Room Style that incorporated and blended the red sofa and other colors to give an expensive hotel look. She had a vision and a few new items to work with, like the sofa and a carpet.

Symone was stuck. She wanted an interior design style for her living room that blended her mood, furniture, and lifestyle.


luxury hotel room style
Symone’s interior design inspiration is luxury hotel room style. Pic credit: Pixabay

She was looking for an ideal video backdrop, an office interior design that resonated with her personality.

A Home Office room style that can be turned into a luxury hotel-style is what our client Symone was looking for. Pic Credit: Pixabay

At Roomplays she met the perfect interior design partners. The founder, Deb is a passionate designer trying to democratize the interior designing industry. By providing an e-design platform, Deb is trying to create an affordable and approachable network where clients and designers from around the world can work together to build their dream spaces. She is always available to her clients. Understands every client’s design needs and offers them white-glove services. This is exactly what Symone was looking for.

Design DIY Tip: Read to find how Deb transformed her kitchen to suit the family design idea.

The interior design transformation of the room style

Symone enjoys a blend of Modern Farmhouse and Glam Rustic interior design styles. She gave Erin a budget of $1000 and mentioned her preferred shopping locations to be Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Ikea, and Walmart.

Considering the above details, Erin began with creating a mood board and an extensive shopping list.

If you are looking for inspiring interior design tips to create a modern farmhouse look, then go through the How To: Modern Farmhouse Look for Living Room Guide on RoomPlays

Symone also loved the Glam Rustic interior design style and wanted a blend of designs to sparkle in her living room. She took the Interior Design Style Quiz on RoomPlays to explain herself better and clear.

Erin wanted the wall design to be the statement element in the new room style. She gave Symone multiple options for peel and stick wallpaper and gave her the creative liberty to chose the background. Erin wanted Symone to be very sure of this. She believes that every design element must connect with the person.

The leopard print peel and stick wallpaper from Wayfair was another backdrop design style suggested by Erin. It’s a versatile design with modern geometric prints. Place it on a wall.

Do a DIY craft. You can also check how Erin did a DIY Fall Front Porch.

Shopping list for the living room

Erin, as a designer, likes to connect heart to heart with her clients. She invests time to look for interior design inspirations as she works on the shopping list under the specified budget.

For creating Symone’s home office interior, she prepared an extensive shopping list. The list included items that were readily available, easy to source, and chic looking. Erin believes that one doesn’t necessarily have to buy expensive stuff to create an interior design.

Here is a sneak peek into Erin’s shopping list that glammed up Symone’s room style:

The Bowyer Shag Square Pillow Cover & Insert in beige tone from Wayfair for the sofa. This pillow cover with metallic threadwork adds a versatile look as it complements the red sofa.

Decorative Banana Leaf Rectangle Woven Tray from Target to be kept on the ottoman. This woven tray is a functional and decorative accent piece in a natural shade that blends with the decor theme.

A tall mesh design room divider from Target again to help block off the kitchen and other obstructive elements in the Room Style. The divider has a vintage look and an old-world charm. The distressed wood finish adds a subdued character to the interior design style.

A coffee table ottoman with tufted top for that sophisticated look from Target. Erin and Symone both loved this square ottoman for its versatility. The natural linen upholstery and natural color complemented the red sofa and other interior styles.

The final room style of the living room

The final room style turned out to be like a hotel room. As the synergies of Erin and Symone met, they leaned on each other’s creative sensibilities. Just like how Symone had envisioned, her requirements as an entrepreneur, a mother, a house lady were all met through Erin’s design recommendations.

The final room style speaks volumes of what Symone desired and how Erin delivered through an e-design platform – RoomPlays- under a budget.

Erin gave interior design solutions that blended the existing furniture, Symone’s choice of wallpaper (for the perfect backdrop), and a pop of colors and textures to create the perfect living room style.

Happy Symone. Happy us.

We are happy to have helped Symone achieve her interior design goal. Her new room style is beautiful, functional, and lovable. And, we are glad to have been her interior design partners.

“Erin is an amazing designer. She is easy to work with and understood the concept I had in my head. She asked detailed questions and offered suggestions that stretched my imagination and ended up being perfect. I can’t wait to see it all put together in my actual space. I live in an apartment and she gave me the idea of peel away wallpaper to really take things to another level. I am so happy with Erin and Roomplays!” – Symone

Room Styles that resonate with our client’s imaginations are what we strive for. Symone’s desire to build a living-cum-office space to perfection pushed us to work harder.

RoomPlays is all about interior design ideas, networking, and working from home. Creating interior designs has never been easier. Neither has it been this affordable! Go check the site. Follow us to get tips and tricks. Book us to recreate your love space.