Here are some details about my requirements for my Home Office (scroll for more specifics):

Which Rooms would you Redesign? 

Home Office

What’s your Budget?

above $4000

How much would you spend on an Interior Designer?

Luxe: $450 – $1000

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Moody Vibes

I built a backyard office over the summer that I’d like designed/decorated. I’m down to spend $10-20k making it look incredible on my zoom calls. I’ve been using it with placeholder rental furniture for the last few months and have a general sense of what I want but I’m overwhelmed by trying to finalize, source the materials and furniture and project manage the installation.

The space is 8×7 with a low shiplap ceiling that’s about 7.5’. Natural light comes from two windows and a large glass panel in the door. I made the decision to paint the walls, interior door and ceiling a very dark blue (Benjamin Moore Polo Blue). That sort of drives everything else since it’s already done. The floor is a light grayish/brown wood panel (actually linoleum panels).

I think the best setup is a leather sofa, a standing desk, a light light grey rug, an office chair and a white small lap/personal desk for when I want to work from the sofa. I have the personal desk and rug but not the other items.

I think the best way to do window treatments is some sort of sheer shades that filter light on all windows and the door, paired with blackout drapes I can close when working at night and don’t want the neighbors looking in. I’d love for the drapes to have some personality but still read “masculine”. I can’t decide if they should be a neutral grey, a natural tone, or a braver accent color like green. Probably not blue since the rest of the room is blue. I’ve spent hours looking at options for treatments on the shade store but don’t know what I’m doing so I’ve not pulled the trigger.

I’m mostly using the space for Zoom calls and right now my background is basically “man inside a black box”, which looks sort of weird I’m sure. I like the idea of having the sofa behind me with art and built-in bookshelves above the art. I have no idea how to source a built-in like that or what dimensions to use for it. Sort of like this:

Or this:

The other way I use the room is to recline on the couch with my laptop while reading stuff online. So I want a couch that’s comfy to lay on. Since the room is quite small I go back and forth on what sofa depth or design is best. I’m open to doing more of a daybed if that maximizes depth for comfy reclining while eating up less floor space. My wife thinks I can go with a deepish 40” sofa though and be OK. Right now I have a 84” x 37” deep sofa whose seat is 23” deep and it’s comfy but another 1-2 inches of death depth would be nice.

The room has four overhead recessed lights so I doubt we want to put reading sconces in the built-in like in those photos above. I like the idea of doing a fun grass cloth on the sofa/built-in wall to bring in some more texture.

Generally I’m thinking the standing desk, window hardware and built-in should probably be “dark wood”, like a brown walnut to add warmth and contrast to the room. Most standing desks are pretty sterile looking but I suspect there’s a way to get one that reads more organic.

I’ve got a bunch of other random ideas like LED lights under the built-in shelves, using a Samsung The Frame TV above the sofa so I can show whatever art I want, replacing the current overhead down lights with eyeballs to get moodier, more dramatic and less glarey lighting, etc.

I’ll stop there. For now